5 Ideas On How To Renovate Your Old Sofa

Ideas On How To Renovate Your Old Sofa

Your sofa is probably the most important piece of furniture in your living room, which is the heart of your home. Because sofas represent community and comfort in a home, it’s important to keep your sofa in the very best condition, without buying a brand new sofa - which can be extremely expensive. If you have a sofa that could use some updating, then there are a few things to consider before giving it a new lease of life. These tips will help you renovate your old sofa into a work of art.


Preparation of your sofa is certainly the first thing that should come to mind. If your sofa has wooden framing, it could be a great idea to do some repainting. Chipped paint on the wooden framing or feet instantly makes the sofa look old and worn out. First, you'll need to protect any pieces that you do not want to paint, either by removing them or covering them with a drop cloth. In order to make the finish look better, sand the wood with sandpaper by hand. Depending on the wood type, you can remove softened paint with wooden scrapers, a wooden-handled brush and a string. Apply a liquid stripper on it, let the surface dry and dust off any remaining gunk with the brush.


If you have done your sanding homework well, you may not need a coat of primer. Choose wood-friendly paint and apply paint gently. To be more environmentally friendly, choose a paint that has no volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOC-based paints have a strong odour, so a greener choice will also make your DIY painting projects a bit more enjoyable. Finally, a simple paint touch up on the old sofa may change the entire look of your living room.


If you have a sewing machine, then you may consider creating a completely new cover for your sofa. We suggest that you search for fabrics that fit with your décor, although you can choose any pattern that you prefer. When picking a fabric, it is important to consider comfort. Even though some fabric may look great, it can be uncomfortable and coarse. Do not forget to think about colour fastness and durability for better long-term results.


If you want to make your sofa look like a royal one, you can take it to the local workshop. Ask for unique designs carved onto the wood of your sofa frame. This will instantly make your piece of furniture look sophisticated and ornate without much additional cost.


You can also make your sofa look more stylish without any do-it-yourself work. New throws and cushions can really freshen things up. Contrasting colours look great when they stand out against the sofa fabric, but keep in mind that you should keep the colours in tune to the rest of the room. If you do not wish to pay for a pair of new cushions, you can purchase new covers for your old cushions.

After you have renovated your sofa, clean and buff the upholstery as you normally would. You now have a brand new sofa without actually getting rid of the old one.As you can see, with a bit of work and imagination, everything is possible.

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