Ideas on How to Go Vintage with Your Home Décor

How to Go Vintage with Your Home Decor

Vintage Retro Decorating Ideas

Vintage continues to be one of the most popular home décor themes. Even though its elements are far from contemporary, home owners choose to add a rustic charm to their abode because of its evergreen quality.

However, it is important to find the right balance between modern and vintage. You don’t want to feel like you’re stuck in the past when you’re at home. Balance is key, which means mixing mid-century styles with the modern era flair.

Not sure what goes into adding the vintage touch to your home? Read on to know about the components to incorporate in your dwelling to create an old-world feel without making it look ancient.

Vintage Furniture Ideas

Incorporating the old-world charm in your home through furniture means adding classical elements in colors of your preference. Wrought iron furniture in ornate designs is perfect to add a dollop of antiquity to your rooms. Wooden furniture is another favorite that resonates with the olden times. Floral brocade and antique rattan furniture are sure to bring the desired exoticness into your living space.

A few ways to add vintage furniture in your home include:

Examples of a retro style refrigerators

  • Adding replicas of vintage items can work well. Think Victorian-style sofas and vintage chandeliers as exquisite additions to create a cohesive look throughout your home décor.
  • Cover your couch and chairs with blankets in patterns such as checks, monochrome, or florals. They will instantly add an air of comfort and vintage to your room. You can also use a quilt to create a similar stunning effect.
  • A rocking chair is reminiscent of the olden times. Place it in the corner of the room along with a cushion and you have a cozy area for unwinding with a cup of coffee in the evenings.
  • Replace all your regular drawer pulls and doorknobs with antique glass and metal ones to add some rustic consistency throughout your home.
  • A true vintage aficionado will have collected certain items that are symbolic of the old era. Cake stands and cloches are vintage staples, so use these in your home. Bring them out when guests come over for tea parties and you’re sure to take everyone back in time.
  • A drawer chest that looks timeworn, but is functional can be the perfect addition to your home as an accent piece. It will especially stand out when place against a floral wallpaper. Place a lace table runner and perch a few candles over it for a wholesome look and feel.

Example of a vintage style sofa lounge

Distressed Paint

Distressed paint is the opposite of flawless paint and that’s where its beauty lies. To achieve this look on your furniture item, simply paint it in the color you prefer (preferably white or pastels shades). Then, use sandpaper to scrub the paint way and enjoy the antiquated countryside look.

Example of furniture with a distressed paint finish

Retro Appliances

Bring back the retro vibe into your home by ditching those swanky household appliances and gadgets, and getting old-fashioned ones.

Antique clocks hung on a brick wall is the definition of vintage. For added effect, fix multiple clocks on the wall as accents. If wall clocks are not your thing, consider getting a grandfather clock and place it against the accent wall of the room. Alternatively, you can also fix floral plates, photo frames or anything meaningful (think heirloom) on this wall.

Got an empty side table? Get your hands on a classic miniature typewriter and add a dose of some fine vintage charm to the room. Another option/addition to this can be the archetypal gramophone or radio set. Either of these is sure to work its vintage charm into your living space. Or simply hang an old-fashioned acoustic guitar on your favorite wall in the room

Invest in an old-style pedestal fan. These were typically made of iron and were rather heavy – the complete opposite of modern pedestal fans.

Examples of retro decor including a gramophone

Fabrics and Rugs

Vintage is incomplete without rugs and textured fabrics. When it comes to the former, get some with that quintessential rustic worn-out effect (reflecting actual wear). Faux distressed rugs are an easy find, but be careful when selecting them as they’re not everyone’s cup of tea.

As far as fabrics are concerned, focus on light fabrics with delicate prints for an airy feel and to allow ample natural light into your home. Laces, fleece, and colorful patchwork are very vintage, and can be easily used on cushions, sofas, and tables.

You can also add decorative moldings on your bed’s headboard to lend it a classic appeal.

Example of a faux worn rug

Antique Fireplace

If you’re serious about adding vintage components into your home, then you must invest in an antique fireplace. It will not only keep you warm, but also give your space a luxurious look that impresses one and all. Consider either a wood-burning or coal-burning fireplace to recreate the glory of the past. Make it a point to get it installed by an experienced and reliable chimney service for safety.

It is important that you maintain your fireplace’s bygone grandeur well by keeping it clean. Engage a local chimney sweep service for this. If you live in Portland, for example, contact Chimcare for cost-effective and timely facilities. The proper upkeep of a vintage chimney is totally worth the effort as it adds an unparalleled old-fashioned value to your home.

Example of a Vintage / Modern fireplace

Organic Elements

Avoid using cheap plastic and synthetic items in your home as they will only take away from the vintage theme. Our ancestors did not use them anyway. Consider adding items made from natural materials like wood, metals, cotton, linen, and wool. These look classic and sophisticated, and lend a warm, unpretentious aesthetic to your home.


Tasteful home décor is timeless, and doesn’t conform to the boundaries set by passing trends. The right vintage item can add character, drama, and refinement to your home. However, make sure you add these elements wisely while embracing the current style of your residence to keep things appealing rather than dated. Keep the above tips in mind when adding a dash of classic vintage to the space you call your home.

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