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Guide to the Different Types of Thermostats for Homes

Guide to the Different Types of Thermostats for Homes

A thermostat regulates your home temperature, humidity and can benefit you in controlling energy conservation. So, your optimal choice of a thermostat hinges on the type of heating and cooling system you have in your house, and how you would like to use its basic and additional features.

6 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security

6 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security

Even if you live in a good neighborhood and keep your windows locked at all times, home security is an issue that should always be at the forefront of your mind. Many homeowners use “Beware of Dog” signs and other decoys as the extent of their security efforts.

However, there are numerous small home improvements that will maximize your home security even more. With these precautions, you’ll minimize the risk of having your home burglarized.

Patrick Adams' Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

The most important thing about the maintenance of your home lies in the fact that it requires both regular effort and seasonal massive projects to keep the place clean. Why? Well, vacuuming the place may be something you use once per week, chances are that you aren’t vacuuming your curtains and window blinds each time. Such a thing would take too much of your time, thus making this routine operation into something that consumes too much time. Sure, you have 10 minutes to vacuum your living room every Sunday but would you set aside 30 to 40 minutes for vacuuming alone? Fortunately, there’s no such urgency when it comes to these tasks. This is where the necessity of a massive spring cleaning lies.

5 Tips for Creating a Zero-Waste Home

Tips for Creating a Zero-Waste Home

Life without a bin. Now there’s a scary thought. Despite general increased consumerism and buying, however, zero-waste living is more common than ever. Naturally, quitting trash cold-turkey is no easy feat, so it’s best to ease yourself (and your home) into it gradually.

Nonetheless, by taking a few minor steps, you should be able to work your way up to less waste rather effortlessly. If you’re wondering why a zero-waste home is a good idea to begin with, there are plenty of reasons:

How Can Renewable Energy Sources Be Incorporated In Your Home?

Renewable Energy Home Solutions

With public awareness increasing about conserving the natural resources on our planet, renewable energy resources have gained a lot of popularity. In 2008, only 18.5% of the globe’s energy demand was met by hydroelectric power as the chief source of renewable energy.

Fast forward to present times, we have solar and wind capacity installation alongside hydroelectric power. In total, about 25% of the world is powered through these green energy sources now.

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