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How Can Renewable Energy Sources Be Incorporated In Your Home?

Renewable Energy Home Solutions

With public awareness increasing about conserving the natural resources on our planet, renewable energy resources have gained a lot of popularity. In 2008, only 18.5% of the globe’s energy demand was met by hydroelectric power as the chief source of renewable energy.

Fast forward to present times, we have solar and wind capacity installation alongside hydroelectric power. In total, about 25% of the world is powered through these green energy sources now.

10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Safe for Kids and the Elderly

10 Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Safe for Kids and the Elderly

The bathroom can be a dangerous place for kids, people with mobility issues, and the elderly.

Many accidents and personal injuries that occur at home happen in the bathroom. In fact, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 235,000 people over 15 years old receive emergency room treatment every year because of bathroom-related injuries. To avoid such a scenario, here are tips to consider to prevent further accidents inside your bathroom.

Painting Primer: Planning & Prepping for a DIY Painting Project

Painting Pro Tips: Planning & Prepping for a DIY Painting Project

So you’ve decided to make your painting plans a DIY project. And why not? It will save you money, and can actually be quite fun. However, many people underestimate the difficulty of undergoing a DIY painting project. It can be time-consuming and physically taxing. Often, it can also be difficult to gauge where to start.

With the right materials and knowledge of the step-by-step process, it can be simplified. There isn’t much room for mistakes here, so it’s important to ensure you are well-prepared before you begin. Start with a checklist of materials:

20 Small Bedroom Decoration Ideas – How to Make My Bedroom Look Bigger

How to make a small bedroom look bigger

Making the most out of a bedroom with a few square meters may appear a daunting job but it is not impossible. With creative designs of bedroom furniture and functional adornments, a small space can accommodate your personal accessories with a modish and well-groomed look. Here are some tricks of the trade that one can improvise to achieve a cozy and comfortable abode.

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