5 Space-Saving Furniture Must-Haves for Studios & Small Homes

5 Space-Saving Furniture Must-Haves for Studios & Small Homes

Whether you’re living in a cottage home, guest house, or a studio apartment, you’re probably looking for a way to minimalize your furnishings while still keeping your abode stylish and modern. Convertible or multi-tasking furniture is a must for these kinds of spaces. You’ll want to invest in furniture that either serves multiple purposes or can easily be contracted/expanded.

There are a number of versatile and multi-faceted pieces that are both tasteful and practical. So, before you try to cram a sectional into your 200 square foot living room, consider the following space-saving pieces.

Futons & Daybeds

Futons & Daybeds

Sleeper sofas have been the saving grace of studio apartments since the dawn of time. While it’s ideal (if not mandatory) to have a couch that converts into a bed, purchasing a traditional sleeper sofa can be a pain. Pulling out/pushing in the bed day in and day out can quickly grow old. The beauty of a futon is that it easily folds out into a bed.

Daybeds, on the other hand, are even easier. You don’t have to do anything with a daybed, as it effortlessly takes on the appearance of a sofa with just a few throw pillows. At the end of the evening, remove the pillows, throw on a clean sheet, and hop into bed.

Extendable Dining Tables

Extendable Dining Table

Most days, it may be dinner for one or two. However, when you’re in the mood to host a dinner party, you’ll need a larger dining table. Investing in an extendable dining table is a no-brainer. Most extendable dining tables easily go from seating four to seating eight.

Extendable dining tables can also double as buffet tables (for those potluck dinners you want to throw) or even a desk in their contracted form. There are various kinds of extendable dining tables – some have a folding extension leaf on the end, while others contain an extension block in the center.



An ottoman is a triple threat. It can serve as a footrest, an extra sitting place, and a storage container. Place an ottoman near your sofa and you can easily use it to prop your feet up or offer your guests a place to sit. Many ottomans also serve as storage bins, and you can lift up the top to store blankets, pillows, sheets, knick knacks, etc.

Paired with a matching armchair, they can be a very attractive addition to your home. Many ottomans are also small enough to tuck under a coffee table or desk.

Ottomans can also double as coffee tables, if you’re willing to get creative. You can purchase a larger ottoman to put in front of your sofa. Simply place a serving tray atop the ottoman to provide a more stable, solid surface for refreshments, snacks, or additional decorative touches and – voila! – a coffee table ottoman.

Convertible Coffee Tables

Convertible Coffee Table

Most of the time, a coffee table is just a buffer between your TV and your sofa. However, there are coffee tables that have the potential to be so much more. A convertible coffee table is a coffee table that doubles as something else. Some have table tops that can be lifted to serve as a dining table, turning your living room into a dining room by night.

There are also coffee tables that, similar to their ottoman counterparts, have storage underneath their tabletops. With a simple lift, pull, or swoosh of the tabletop, a storage compartment can be found in their base. For those with limited closet space, this is an excellent compartment.

Coat Rack Bench

Coat Rack Bench

Decorative and unique, the coat rack bench is a beautiful and multi-functional addition to any foyer/entryway. It provides a seating area for putting on/taking off your shoes, and a place for guests to hang their coats or handbags. A small shoe rack can be placed underneath the bench for complete compactness and convenience.

Some coat rack benches come with a shelf overhang for additional storage. Just make sure not to place anything too heavy up there!

The coat rack bench, along with the other aforementioned pieces, is a staple of elegance and ingenuity. With minimalistic interior design trending now more than ever, space-saving furniture is on the rise, and it perfectly embodies modern, urban living.

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