Kitchens That Stand the Test of Time

Kitchens That Stand The Test of Time

We often take modern kitchen appliances for granted; Britannia Living takes a look at the evolution of the kitchen essentials that have changed the way we cook.

Over time appliances have entered our kitchens and made our lives, and food preparation, a little easier. The best appliances are those that will take a lot of hard work out of every day jobs, and the strain out of the less than enjoyable household chores.

Any appliance that shaves time off our daily routine and leads to more downtime is likely to become exceedingly popular - but what would life have been like before the introduction of these vital domestic appliances? Take a look at the various pieces of kitchen equipment that have impacted the way we cook and bake over the last century.


In 1937, a man called Carr. P. Collins created a revolutionary appliance called the extractor hood. His invention took smoke, odours, airborne grease and excess heat out of the kitchen when people were preparing food in order to make home cooking a more enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Today’s extractor hoods are a world apart from Collins’ first designs. The original clunky pipe has now been replaced by sleek designs in a variety of sizes that allow people to install extractor hoods in their kitchens with ease.


In the early 1940s, stand mixers changed the way we bake by replacing the hard work that went into hand mixing batters. Stand mixers also led to the invention of domestic baking centres which had space for baking appliances and basic ingredients; these soon evolved to become kitchen islands.

Today, as baking programmes have risen in popularity, the sales of stand mixers have increased also. The stands make baking drastically quicker and easier and are used by keen, amateur bakers as well as professionals.


1955 was a significant year for kitchen appliances, with the electric kitchen kettle making its debut. The new style of kettle replaced the old fashioned whistling kettle and made boiling water a much easier process, without the rust and erosion the boiling water used to create.

In modern life electric kettles are relied upon for making hot drinks and boiling food, but the humble kettle looks like it could soon be replaced by new technology as boiling water taps are becoming an increasingly common feature in kitchens throughout the UK.

Kitchens That Stand the Test of Time: 1950s


The price of countertop microwaves dramatically dropped towards the end of the 1960s, which quickly turned this once luxury item into a domestic essential. As more women started working throughout the decade microwaves rose in popularity, as they enabled the cooking of hot food in a much shorter space of time.

Microwave technology is frequently upgraded. As the wattage increases, the cooking time falls, enabling the cooking of quality meals in an impressive time.


1973 saw the food processor move from the kitchens of professional chefs and into the household, to become one of the most popular appliances of the decade. The 1970s brought around the popularisation of many small kitchen appliances such as slow cookers, pressure cookers and juicers, to name a few.

Today, food processors have become the basis of popular diet plans and have also heavily influenced other factors of modern life such as the popular juicing diet.

Kitchens That Stand the Test of Time: 1970s

21st Century

The range cooker, although a staple kitchen item since the early twentieth century, has seen a dramatic design change since the turn of the century.

Range cookers allow even the most amateur of cooks to recreate the gastronomic delights they experience in restaurants, due to its additional cooking space and precise temperature controls. In recent years, the appliance has been adapted to match the experimental decor and evolving tastes of modern living.

Changing Styles

Many appliances have come and gone with trends, however, the appliances that have lasted through the decades continue to make modern life a lot easier.

Although changing technology and general progression makes room for individuals to be more selective and preferential with regard to their kitchen appliances, and improved models of our favourite appliances enter the market, the original styles of yesteryear remain popular.

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