5 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

Small Kitchen Ideas for Appearing Bigger

Few people are blessed with luxurious kitchens – the kinds that would take several hours to keep in order. They would include a closet-like pantry, a super fridge, a badass kitchen island, and enough walking space to host a small wedding ceremony!

Metropolitan cities are pressed for space so most apartments/condos don’t have the liberty of putting in your dream kitchen. Considering that individuals spend most of their waking hours in this area of the house – either fetching snacks or preparing meals or maybe dining as well – it can be a total mood kill to end up in a home with a small kitchen space.

Even if you can’t get in a few extra square footage inside your kitchen, here’s how you can create a successful illusion of a bigger kitchen. Like the wise ones say, something is better than nothing!

1. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Well, most interior décor professionals agree that placing a mirror in a small room can make it look bigger. This is because the light entering the room and then being reflected on the mirrors can make your space look brighter and appear bigger. With the kitchen, however, it is a little different. A mirror has no utility in the kitchen. This is why, in this equation, mirrors are equated with glossy surfaces.

Whether it is a glossy countertop or shelf fixtures, having shiny reflective surfaces in the kitchen undoubtedly make it appear magnanimous. It also makes it more inviting and cheerful. If there’s no window in the kitchen, try illuminating it with artificial lamps in a way that leaves no corners in the dark. Light and reflection have a deep sentimental relationship!

So if your kitchen comprises dull surfaces, it’s time to invite artisans to work their magic!

2. Color Coding

For small kitchens, it is recommended to stick with pastel colors. Most professionals agree that white is the way to go. But we’re so accustomed to seeing it everywhere, it might be a little intolerable to have it in the kitchen as well. Who would want to return to a home which has boring colors all over?

The next best thing you can do is go for light colors like light green, blue, pink, and purple. You only want a slight tinge, a barely decipherable addition that makes the walls look visibly different but not overwhelm your sight. These can augment space visually, take some suffocation off your chest.

Dark colors absorb light, making the room look gloomy and crowded. In some cases, a dark color on one wall and white on the others can play quite some trick. But this can readily backfire if it isn’t balanced with other elements in the kitchen. To play it safe, choose light and bright colors.

3. Go Door-less

And by this, we don’t intend to suggest you throw out the door to your kitchen (if you have it in place). Chances are you’ve already ended up with an open kitchen as these spaces are perfect for small accommodations.

For small kitchens, it is recommended to opt for open shelving. Yes, I suggest you get rid of your cabinet doors. Solid shelves appear intimidating, occupying a lot of space and visual landscape. Getting rid of the doors instead of replacing these with glass or just letting the shelves be open can free up a lot of real estate in your visuals. It creates an illusion of a bigger space that is well used.

This, however, might increase your maintenance efforts as these shelves would require frequent cleaning. And if you live in a place that is dust-prone, this could easily become a nightmare. Use glass where possible to protect your possessions.

4. Keep it Clean

With kitchens, the biggest challenge is to keep them clean. Particularly when you’re working there, it’s practically impossible to keep the counters clean. At that moment, clutter makes more sense anyway. But once you’re done, getting rid of all the clutter can restore sanity and sense of balance in your space. Ideally, keep everything stacked neatly behind the doors. This would include a wide range of kitchen appliances, ingredients, cutlery, and more. Only the fruit basket deserves a spot on your kitchen countertop. The rest should be stowed out of sight.

Also, understand that minimalism is not just a hot trend but also a need of the time. When you’re buying organizers for your kitchen, make sure you’re being very critical of their utility. Preferably, you want a kitchen island that can double up as a supper table. You wouldn’t want the chairs to be blocking your way while you move. Keeping these minimalistic and ideally capable of being stored out of sight can work wonders for your kitchen experience.

If there’s anything you haven’t used in a year, you can leave it in the storeroom and conveniently forget about it altogether till you’re required to make another move. Even so, try to leave bad habits behind; somebody else might be addicted to it.

5. Lines

Artists agree that lines can play an important role in directing sight. Overwhelming crisscross patterns can make any space look untidy and cramped. Instead, use simple lines in your choice of flooring and wall decors to make your space look roomier. These lines don’t have to be perfect; they should just be capable of directing attention away from space to preferably the sky or the soul. Whether it is about flooring choices or cabinets, lines can truly bewitch the eyes of the looker.

A kitchen shouldn’t be boring. Period. Whether you’re planning to make a move to a new place with a small kitchen or you’re already in such a situation, you can still save the day if you’re making smart choices.

It is the space you go to for your morning cup of coffee, for your midnight snacks, for that amazing family time at dinner, and all those amazing moments that connect you to your love for food. Even if you can’t employ any structural changes to make it bigger, there is a lot you can do to make it look and feel bigger.

When you don’t have a lot of options, make the best use of resources. These are some hacks that’ll get you moving. For the rest, let your best instincts guide you!

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