Do You Want To Write For Us? Guest Post Here!

Updated on the 29th of October 2014

As the editor for Totally Home Improvement I write some of the articles you read here, however many are also contributed by enthusiasts and experts in their fields.

If you would like to contribute to this website, please read the following guidelines carefully before contacting me.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Please note that you will not gain any direct SEO benefit from guest posting here - any links to your own website will have the rel=nofollow attribute set. However, your guest post will be seen by visitors to this website and also promoted to over 25,000 social media followers. As a result of this exposure, you may gain organic backlinks from others who are impressed by your work.


Any topic directly related to home improvement and DIY projects is what I'm looking for.

If you're unsure whether or not your guest post topic is suitable, take a look at the categories in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and see if your topic fits into one of those categories. I recommend you take the time to look through this website if you haven't done so already so you can see the kinds of things the visitors to this site are interested in.


I will not accept plagiarism of any kind and I use tools such as Copyscape and Plagiarism Checker to ensure other people's hard work isn't copied by guest authors.

However, just passing Copyscape is not sufficient for being considered original by me. Your work must contain your own original ideas. If a topic has already been covered on Totally Home Improvement, then please don't send me another article on the same topic unless you are expanding upon the previous article(s) and adding new information or a unique perspective. This could include the use of videos, photographs, diagrams, or charts which provide better insights than the previous article(s) did.

Infographics are not original because they are intended to be published multiple times - they do not get published here.


I will fact check your articles and if I find anything which is false or unsubstantiated, you will have to modify the content or your submission will be declined.


Although I have no specific requirements you are much more likely to have your article published here if it is over 700 words long.

Who can contribute

People who have experience with the topics they write about.

Your experience may come from your studies, job, hobbies, or life experience - if you know the subject matter well then you're just the sort of guest blogger I'm looking for.

The kinds of people my visitors really like to read articles from include:

  • Business owners, managers, and self employed workers.
  • Hobbyists who enjoy writing about their hobbies and DIY projects.
  • Journalists and Bloggers who have experience writing about home improvements and DIY.
  • Students, apprentices, and interns who have interesting insights and experiences to share.

I require the full name of all guest writers and a link to a social media profile such as Google+, Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook so that I can confirm your identity and so readers know where to find you if they'd like to read more of your work. In the case of business owners I will accept a link to a page on your business website where your full name appears.

Anonymity - in rare cases I will publish an article without attribution if anonymity is required because you're an industry insider or whistleblower who cannot be publicly identified. I will still need to confirm your identity, but it will not be disclosed to anyone other than myself. However, usually in these cases I'd prefer to publish an article I have written, with my own analysis, under my name after interviewing you and doing additional research where necessary.

Use of Images & Videos

All articles must contain at least one image or video. As well as helping to convey the message of your article, this also makes it more visually appealing and usually results in more social sharing and more readers.

All images and videos you provide must either be owned by you, or be legally available for publication on this website. In the case of content which is in the public domain or available for commercial use under a Creative Commons license, or with the permission of the copyright owner, they must be accompanied by information and/or links which enable me to verify that I'm allowed to publish it.

Commercial stock photography - this is a special case where I no longer accept these types of images even if you have the right to have them published here. This is because I have no way of verifying that you have the rights to use them for this purpose.


You are free to embed links in your articles directly to any related page on this website.

Links to external websites must be editorially justifiable in the context in which they appear.

I may decline to publish articles which fail to provide links for citations and important references for claims being made, or which fail to link to resources which the reader would reasonably expect to see.

All links to your own website, or any website you stand to gain SEO benefit from, will have the rel=nofollow attribute set - if I can't tell which links you stand to gain potential SEO benefit from, then I may nofollow all the out bound links in your guest post.


Basically, the better written, more interesting and visually appealing your article is, the more eager I am to publish it.

If you feel you can meet these guidelines, please use the contact form to pitch your ideas to me and include links to some of your previous work. Please include the letters "THI" in the subject of your message.

Jason Horton