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Latest Posts & Articles

Thanksgiving for the Glory of Shopping Bargains!


In 1621 the settlers in Plymouth and the Wampanoag Indians, who were the traditional land owners there, decided that it would be in the best interests of 21st century Americans to set asside their differences and declare Thanks Giving & Black Friday as a time to honor everyone searching for bargains to enhance their home life.

Actually, it was a three day festival honoring the pilgrims' first successful harvest at which the locals killed 5 deer to eat for the celebrations, and it addition to that they prepared exactly 0 turkeys, 0 pumpkins and 0 potatoes.

Two Great Reasons to Insulate Your Attic

Two Great Reasons to Insulate Your Attic

Some homeowners don't pay that much attention to the insulation in their attic, or lack thereof, because of several (wrong) reasons.

First of all, the uninformed homeowner believes that the insulation that was installed when the house was first built should last as long as the house. Next, they don't consider lack of insulation or poor energy efficiency as a problem. Finally, since attic insulation isn't that visible, most homeowners never have even given it any thought.

Using a Portable Generator for Emergency Home Office Power

Honda EU 10i Generator

I live in an area where during the annual storm season we can lose mains electricity from time to time. I also work from home so this can get a bit frustrating and this year I plan to be prepared so I've been looking into generator options.

There's a bit of planning you need to do to work out what type of generator to get, and I've done mine so I'll share the steps I've gone through and that will hopefully be a good guide for you when working out what you need.

Ireland - Improvements at Home for the Rest of the World


When I recently read a story about how an electricity company in Ireland has teamed up with a sub-division of Google, it got me to thinking about the plucky little country that punches above its weight, and one which once again seems to be leading the world in many respects, some of which may have some interesting implications for homes everywhere.

But first, a little recent Irish history...

Beat the Heat: 15 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Cool Your Home

15 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Cool Your Home

When the hot sun’s beating down on you and the air’s humid and sticky, there’s nothing that appeals more than a long dip in the pool or staying indoors with your air conditioner set at the coolest possible temperature.

Storage Shed vs Self Storage Facility When Renovating

Shed vs Self Storage

A little while ago I received a question from Dave P. who lives in Ipswich, England and in the process of answering his question I realized this would make a good topic to talk about on Totally Home Improvement. The question was whether he and his wife should buy a storage shed or rent a self storage unit to store their belongings while they renovate their 50+ year old semi detached house.

Basic Home Fire Safety Preparedness

Home Fire Safety

When I was fifteen I very nearly set fire to our house - it wasn't a deliberate act, it was just the kind of carelessness that teenagers are famous for. I was intending to deep-fry some dinner and I put a big pot of oil on the stove, put the lid on and got distracted. About 45 minutes later when I lifted the lid off the pot it immediately burst into flames.

Special Offers: Dinnerware - Steam Showers - Garage Doors


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday special offers being advertised everywhere I thought it would be a good time to quickly mention some of the special offers that have been sent in to me over the last few weeks.

How To Turn An Old Window Into A Picture Frame

picture frame window

Do-it-yourself decorations are becoming more popular every season, and this summer has been no exception. There are many creative ways to spruce up your home and garden areas, and one of the cutest ideas is to use old windows to make custom picture frames. The best part? It’s not nearly as complex as you might think! Follow these simple steps to build yourself a lovely addition to any room in the house:

Why Impact Rated Windows Are Better For Your Home

As custom home contractors in a coastal city, impact-rated windows are something Sea Island Builders encourages all our clients to invest in.

Why? Because when hurricane season comes, you want to be sure that your interior is safe from flying debris, and standard windows simply can’t provide you with that kind of security.

But that isn’t the only reason why impact-rated windows are a wise investment for a new home, whether you’re starting from scratch or remodeling.

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