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5 Questions to Ask Before You Makeover Your Garage

5 Questions to Ask Before You Makeover Your Garage

With the discovery that your garage is actually part of your home and can be used for more than storing things you don’t want, the concept of the ‘garage makeover’ has become popular. Just like making over a kitchen or a basement, the garage makeover is designed to enhance the look, function and value of your home.

1. What’s My Overall Goal?

The first thing you want to figure out before you makeover your garage is what you want to accomplish by doing the work. What do you envision when you see the completed garage? Get even more specific by asking questions like:

Replacing a Door - One of the best Remodels based on ROI

replacement entry doors

If you're a regular reader, then you'll know I've been talking about doors a bit recently - fixing sliding doors and drooling over frameless glass doors, and all this got me to thinking about replacing any of the entry doors to your home - both the front and garage doors - and what kind of Return on Investment (ROI) you can expect from taking on a project like this.

I'm not going to kid you - all the best data suggests that on average there are no remodeling projects that turn an instant profit - in fact any time they immediately increase your resale value by more than 70% of their cost, you're doing well. Of course, this assumes you pay a contractor to do all the work - DIY projects have a much better ROI (except when they go wrong and you have to bring in a contractor to fix it up).

Modern Vs Retro Ceiling Lights

Modern Retro Rustic Lighting

My brother and I were watching one of those reality TV home improvement shows when a couple competing to see who could do the best remodel had to decide on the type of lighting they were going to select. They were arguing over whether they should go with a modern contemporary style or more of a retro look in the living room.

This started a discussion between myself and my brother about what really constitutes the difference between modern and retro, after-all there are many 'modern' styles which are revamped from previous eras, and even contemporary designs which borrow from times long ago.

DIY: Setting up a Home Office

According to the 2014 Cost vs. Value Report fitting your house with a home office offers a return of investment of around 48%. While this percentage may pale in comparison to adding a deck (87%) or converting an attic into a bedroom (85%) there are a few reasons a home office could be even more lucrative.

Top Tips for Decorating a Shared Bedroom for Kids

decorating kids bedroom

Children’s bedrooms can be fun to decorate, but if you have two siblings sharing a room, it can get a bit difficult! This can get even trickier if you have a boy and a girl sharing the room, as you might have very different colour schemes and themes in mind.

Here are some handy tips for creating a lovely shared space that provides them both with a unique space, while still maintaining a coherent look overall.

2 Quick Tips for Getting More From Your Lounge/Living Room

coffee tables

There are basically two types of people in the world - those whose most important room in the house is their kitchen and those who favor the living room - there are also the bedroom fanatics, but they never get anything done so the less said about them the better:)

5 Practical Ways to Save on your Energy Bills

Saving energy helps save the environment

With all the new appliances and gadgets that our fast-evolving technology has been spurting out in just the past few years, it’s no wonder why our electric bills have gone up. Finding ways to save on them can not only benefit us, it also benefits our environment. Let’s discuss the ways of minimizing costs on our energy bills.

3 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe This Halloween

Halloween decorations

Jack O Lanterns, costumes and candy all make Halloween fun, but having the streets filled with costumed individuals asking strangers for handouts provides an opportunity for burglars to conceal themselves in the crowd. The purpose of this article is not to fill you with fear about urban legends, such as poisoned candy or child abductions, but rather to make you aware of how to eliminate any vulnerabilities Halloween may create for your home defense and securities.

Designing a Lounge Room That Works For You

Designing a Lounge

So you've moved into your new home and are anxious to get to grips with creating your perfect living space. Where do you begin? Apart from the kitchen, the lounge is where you’ll probably spend the most time, so it needs to be right for you.

How To Make Life Difficult For A Burglar

security grilles

The safety of a home is very important but it often only becomes a priority when a crime occurs. Most people believe that they are living in a safe environment, but are oblivious to the crime that actually goes on without them knowing. People are under the impression that their houses are safe so they do not take the necessary precautions. However, you would be surprised at the crime rates in some places and how these numbers even astonish the people that live in the area.

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