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Latest Posts & Articles

Sustainable Living For Your Apartment

Are you an apartment dweller? Interested in adopting a greener lifestyle? As a renter, you can’t control every aspect of your home, but there’s a lot you can do to make your living space greener. Here are some room-by-room suggestions:

Pencil Pleat or Eyelet Curtains?

Pencil Pleat or Eyelet Curtains

As I've mentioned before, my house has a guest apartment which I'm slowly trying to improve, and now it has come time to select new curtains and the decision come down to choosing between pencil pleat and eyelet.

I've tried to illustrate the difference between the two types of curtains in the picture to the left. Pencil pleat curtains have pleats at the top which are tightened or loosened with strings and then hung from the curtain rod, while eyelet curtains simply have holes in the top circled with metal rings which you slide over the curtain rod.

A Look at the History of Modern Air Conditioning

Although the Romans used their aqueducts to run cool water through the walls of rich people's homes, and Emperor Elagabalus even had a hill of snow built in his garden during summer to help keep cool, modern air conditioning has only been with us since 1902. Willis Carrier is a fine example of American science and engineering - he only graduated from his engineering course at Cornell University in 1901, and the very next year he invented modern air conditioning.

Building a Small Organic Farm in Australia

Organic farm in Australia
If you're a dedicated follower of this blog, thank you, and you'll also be aware that I visited my brother Daniel's property inland from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia last Christmas and I brought back photographs of his outdoor bathroom in the bush.

Should You Redecorate Before or After You Move?


Moving into a new home is a trying process, but decorating that new home can prove just as taxing. Because of the time and energy that accompanies both moving and decorating a new home, many people wonder should they redecorate their new home before or after they move in? Well, what works for one person may not always work for the other. However, I will give you my personal experience and hopefully you will be able to decide if you should redecorate your new home before or after you move.

Enhance Your Nest Thermostat With Junction

Email and Text alerts from Nest thermostat

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a report comparing the Nest and Lyric smart thermostats, and although the Nest compares favorably on many fronts one area where it falls behind is in the availability of alerts.

To help solve this problem is a free service called Junction.

DIY Hyundai Getz Key Battery Replacement

Hyundai Getz Key

A friend of mine in Australia recently found his Hyundai Getz key stopped working even though the light sill flickered on when he hit the button. After looking around the web and not finding any instructions on what to do, he figured it out himself and sent me some pictures and instructions detailing how he overcame the problem so it might help others.

Pool Shade Structures: Adapting the Sun to Your Own Preferences

pool umbrellas

The absolute best thing you can have in your garden when it comes to long hot sunny days is a pool – it will not only make your garden more stylish, but will provide you, your family and friends a place to cool down, make a party and swim. If you, on the other hand, prefer to keep the sun only semi-present, there are some great ways to equip your beloved pool with some shade.

How to Choose the Best Safe for Your Home

home safe

Safes provide homeowners with the peace of mind that comes with knowing valuable jewelry, priceless heirlooms, cash and weapons are protected at all times. In addition to that security, rather than having to head to the bank to open your safety deposit box, you can head down to the basement to grab what you want whenever the need arises. And you don’t have to worry about your guns getting in the hands of the wrong people.

Expert Advice on Preparing Your House for Sale

Preparing a house for sale

Last week I wrote about some of the ideas my cousin and I came up with to quickly get her house ready to sell. Fortunately for most people a rushed process isn't necessary, so with a little bit of planning and effort you can prepare your house for sale in ways that will maximize your sale price.

An important thing to keep in mind is that you're not trying to make your home a better place for yourself, you're trying to make it more attractive to others.

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