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Latest Posts & Articles

How Wood Rots and How to Prevent It

Protecting your wood

Finally your new porch is done. Your hard work is about to pay off both aesthetically and financially as home improvements add to your home’s value. You’re proud of your work. Are you taking steps to protect it? No?! You really should. While it’s true that home improvements will add to a home’s financial value, damages to any part of your property will highly downgrade its value. Unprotected fences, posts, or beams will start to rot and bleed out money. What exactly happens when wood starts to rot? How can projects and money be protected? Let’s find out!

My Mother's Bath With a View

Bath with a view

After having recently blogged about my Brother's unusual bathroom, I couldn't fail to mention my Mother's bath which has a view from the top of her mountain!

My mother lives on top of a mountain just down the road (about 100 miles - you think about distance differently there) from my brother and I visited her as well on my Christmas trip. When I say top I mean it - she literally lives on the very top of a mountain in the Australian bush.

Over 50: Choosing Where to Live

Every year an increasing number of over 50’s decide to move home in search for their dream location. The reasons many choose to move include: downsizing due to children moving away or in a plight to start to prepare for older age. But, whatever the reason behind the decision to move home, it requires a great deal of consideration and research.

How to Convert Your Loft into a Home Office

Although the government argues that the economic crisis is over, for most ordinary hardworking people it may not feel to be. If you run a small business, you might think about running it out of your home instead of a leased office. This will allow you keep a little bit of extra money in the bank. If your home doesn’t have a spare room or study, you could consider converting your loft into a suitable space.

Putting Together My Sydney Bachelor Apartment

Sydney Bachelor Apartment

I will not go into the reasons as to why I got the opportunity to decorate my first bachelor apartment for myself because they are quite personal and boring as well. What I want to share with you are my efforts to make my relatively small and limited new apartment into a bachelor apartment that people will like spending time in and where I will feel like a grown man with his own life.

The Outdoor Bathroom in the Australian Bush

I spent Christmas at my brother Daniel's property in Queensland, Australia where he is developing a small organic farm. The entire property is a work in progress, however he's managed to nearly complete his unusual outdoor bathroom which sits on the edge of a hill overlooking a small valley, so I took some pictures and I'll share the details with you here.

The Coolest Garage Door Skins

A cool garage door skin

As I've mentioned before, upgrading your garage door can be a profitable DIY home improvement project, however you can also have a lot of fun by sticking a skin on the front of your garage door.

Applying a new skin to the front of your garage door is a lot cheaper than replacing the entire door - a new skin costs between $200 to $400 while replacing the entire door can easily cost over $1,000.

A Fish Pond Could be a Relaxing Addition to Your Yard

fish pond

My mother used to have an amazing fish pond at her previous house which had a waterfall at one end, then a 20 foot stream into a small pond at the other end. It was extremely relaxing to sit outside by it while reading a book - the sound of the waterfall and stream were more calming than I can put into words.

I will soon be going to my brother's country property in Queensland, Australia to spend some time there over Christmas. He's thinking about adding a fish pond to his small organic farm and he sent me some videos to look at.

A Look at Some Different Kinds of Windows


If you're thinking about installing new windows then have a look a some of the different types of windows here and maybe they'll help you with some ideas you hadn't yet thought of.

Great Do It Yourself Wireless Home Security Systems

DIY home alarm systems
I originally wrote this roundup of the best DIY home security alarm systems back in April of 2013, however a lot has changed since then so I've reviewed the market again to find which home wireless systems are the best ones to consider as we move into 2015.

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