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Latest Posts & Articles

Great Do It Yourself Wireless Home Security Systems

DIY home alarm systems
I originally wrote this roundup of the best DIY home security alarm systems back in April of 2013, however a lot has changed since then so I've reviewed the market again to find which home wireless systems are the best ones to consider as we move into 2015.

Leave Your Yard Alone In The Winter

yard in winter

Come March or April, everybody wants a beautiful, lush yard filled with green grass and colorful flowers — but what about in winter? Cold temperatures and excess precipitation tend to make keeping up with landscaping feel difficult, if not impossible. So what can you do to take care of your outdoor space even in the colder, grayer months? Should you step it up on lawn upkeep or let yourself take a few months off? What’s the best strategy for maintenance and care when the weather is freezing or below?

DIY Polytunnel - A Greenhouse Alternative

DIY Polytunnel Greenhouse

A reader sent me an email about a video called "How To Build A Polytunnel" (featured below) and suggested it might be worth mentioning - and I agree.

A Polytunnel Greenhouse is a much more affordable alternative to a traditional greenhouse and they can last 4 years or longer before the plastic needs replacing.

Warm Your Home: Short & Long Term Solutions for the Festive Period

Warm your home this Christmas

With just a few weeks to go till Christmas, many of us will have left it too late to tick off the home improvements we had hoped to complete before welcoming guests into our homes.

However, there is still time to transform your house into a warm, cosy and comfortable place for your family and friends to stay. Here is a selection of quick fixes for making sure your home is inviting in time for Christmas. We have also included some long term solutions to look into in the New Year, ready for when your guests come back and visit once again.

Remodeling - Does it Make Financial Sense, And Does it Need To?

Home Improvement Values

I am continually being sent proposals to publish articles or infographics about how you can make money by remodeling your home.

The reason you don't see many articles of this nature on Totally Home Improvement is because when I ask the authors to produce facts and figures to back up their claims, they are nearly always unable to do so.

Oak vs Pine for Furniture

Oak vs Pine for Furniture

The question of whether it's best to buy Oak furniture rather than pine comes up time and again. The standard response of many people is simply to say that Oak is better and that's the one you should chose - some people like Sally Stacey use oak everywhere around the home, but I don't think it's a simple as that so let's take a further look.

Stylish and Affordable Home Automation Ideas

iPad mount

Do you think your home environment has become monotonous and outdated? Are you looking for ways to make it smarter and more efficient? Is improving the aesthetics and security also on the cards? If yes, read on for some of latest home automation solutions mentioned below.

There are so many factors that make your home look dull and reflect a sense of lifelessness over time. As a homeowner, you begin to need something that can make your home a smarter place to live. This is exactly when home automation tools can come in handy.

Thanksgiving for the Glory of Shopping Bargains!


In 1621 the settlers in Plymouth and the Wampanoag Indians, who were the traditional land owners there, decided that it would be in the best interests of 21st century Americans to set asside their differences and declare Thanks Giving & Black Friday as a time to honor everyone searching for bargains to enhance their home life.

Actually, it was a three day festival honoring the pilgrims' first successful harvest at which the locals killed 5 deer to eat for the celebrations, and it addition to that they prepared exactly 0 turkeys, 0 pumpkins and 0 potatoes.

Two Great Reasons to Insulate Your Attic

Two Great Reasons to Insulate Your Attic

Some homeowners don't pay that much attention to the insulation in their attic, or lack thereof, because of several (wrong) reasons.

First of all, the uninformed homeowner believes that the insulation that was installed when the house was first built should last as long as the house. Next, they don't consider lack of insulation or poor energy efficiency as a problem. Finally, since attic insulation isn't that visible, most homeowners never have even given it any thought.

Using a Portable Generator for Emergency Home Office Power

Honda EU 10i Generator

I live in an area where during the annual storm season we can lose mains electricity from time to time. I also work from home so this can get a bit frustrating and this year I plan to be prepared so I've been looking into generator options.

There's a bit of planning you need to do to work out what type of generator to get, and I've done mine so I'll share the steps I've gone through and that will hopefully be a good guide for you when working out what you need.

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