The Best Home Improvement Magazines

Reading about home improvement ideas on the web is always interesting, however sometimes a good old fashion paper magazine is the way to go.

Annual subscriptions are also the way to go - you save up to 88% off the cover price when subscribing as opposed to causally buying them at the news stand.

The following magazines are the top 5 sellers by subscription*:

1. HGTV Magazine

This extremely popular television show has spawned an extremely popular magazine.

The ideas and projects presented are a bit more realistic in terms of budget than some of the other magazines in this category, making it a great source of ideas that you can actually use around your own home.

This down-to-earth approach may not impress Robin Leach, but it has certainly impressed house-holds across America making it the number 1 home improvement magazine on's bestseller list - and it's also number 4 out of all magazines across all categories!

You can't go far wrong subscribing to the most popular one!

2. Family Handyman

Being published by Readers Digest, you can rely on this magazine to provide an excellent combination of interesting ideas and a quality read.

Each edition is packed full with great home improvement ideas complete with step-by-step instructions, and is wonderfully illustrated making each project easy to follow - much better than the assembly instructions you get from some Swedish furniture manufacturers :).

And just like Readers Digest, they have some great reader feedback sections - my personal favorite is the Great Goofs section where you get to see some of the worst and funniest home improvement disasters sent in by loyal readers.

3. Better Homes & Gardens

This magazine has been a hit with readers ever since it first rolled of the press more than 90 years ago!

It covers a wide range of topics from bathroom and kitchen remodeling, to interior design, gardening, crafts, cooking, health and nutrition, and much more.

Better Homes & Gardens is primarily targeted at women who desire improvement in their home, family, and life in general.

You save 88% off the cover price when ordering a 12 month subscription.

4. Elle Décor

This magazine is targeted at the 'fashion conscious' home decorator, and carrying the famous Elle name it contains a blend of thoughtful and trendy ideas.

As well as providing a monthly dose of ideas, guides, and how-to's for your own home, it also takes a monthly look at what celebrities and doing with their homes.

The driving idea behind this mag is to guide you in adding style to your interior decorating and remodeling projects.

So if you need to keep up with the home fashionistas, then Elle Décor Magazine is just the thing you're looking for.

5. This Old House

Famous for its range of interior remodeling and landscaping projects, This Old House provides a great blend of both practical and inspirational ideas you can put to good use around your home.

It also contains a lot of practical advice about working with professionals such as designers, contractors, and architects.

The projects are beautifully detailed with illustrations and photographs, as well as providing information and understanding on the tools needed to get the job done.

This is a great magazine to help you both protect and improve the investment you've made in your home.


I've been a subscriber to Family Handyman for years and I recommend it to anyone who likes to do handyman jobs around the house.