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How To Recover From A Bathroom Design Disaster

bathroom design disaster

Whether it’s a shady contractor, an accidental hole in the wall or even a shocking shade of pink – a design disaster can (and probably will) affect us all.

And a design disaster in the bathroom can mean serious trouble. Renovating a bathroom or kitchen are two of the most costly projects in the home so if it all goes wrong, you’ll need an escape plan. And quickly.

Some Smart Shower Features Seem Outright Dumb To Me

smart showers

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for any shower device that can reduce the amount of water and energy consumed, however it doesn't necessarily take a smart shower head to save water, and some of the new 'smart' products for showers seem quite odd to me.

Cheap and Easy Ways to Decorate Your Boring Bathroom

Simple bathroom decorating ideas

So you’re planning on updating your boring bathroom. And most of the time, you’ll be worrying about over-spending. Well, in reality a bathroom refresh needn't break the bank.

Of course, if you plan on ripping out your old fixtures and fittings then it may be costly to replace them. However, if you’re looking for something on a slightly smaller scale then look no further as here are some cheap and easy ways to decorate your boring bathroom.

6 Genius Bathroom Storage Ideas

We get it: it's really hard keep cosmetics and bath items within reach and looking good at the same time. If your bathroom could use an organizational makeover, check out some of our favorite storage ideas and get inspired.

My Mother's Bath With a View

Bath with a view

After having recently blogged about my Brother's unusual bathroom, I couldn't fail to mention my Mother's bath which has a view from the top of her mountain!

My mother lives on top of a mountain just down the road (about 100 miles - you think about distance differently there) from my brother and I visited her as well on my Christmas trip. When I say top I mean it - she literally lives on the very top of a mountain in the Australian bush.

The Outdoor Bathroom in the Australian Bush

I spent Christmas at my brother Daniel's property in Queensland, Australia where he is developing a small organic farm. The entire property is a work in progress, however he's managed to nearly complete his unusual outdoor bathroom which sits on the edge of a hill overlooking a small valley, so I took some pictures and I'll share the details with you here.

Increase Natural Light in your Bathroom

Increase Natural Light in your Bathroom

Natural light in the bathroom is an important feature that can greatly affect your enjoyment and comfort. Often overlooked, the bathroom is in fact the first place you look at yourself in the morning as well as the room in which you probably spent most of your time preparing to leave the house. It is also the place many people unwind at the end of a long day by taking a hot shower or long bath. Without much need to worry about furniture or upholstery, lighting becomes the most important factor in creating an inviting space.

Cute and Fun Designs for Kids’ Bathrooms

bath time

Moving into a new house or if you are planning on renovating can be a challenge. Designing a room for your child will need a lot of careful planning, most especially for their bathroom. You need to consider the functionality, safety and accessibility for your kids when designing their room.

You’d be surprised that you really don’t have to be so fussy about things for the design. Here are simple tips to give you some great design ideas especially for your kid’s bathroom. Wouldn't it be great to see in your child’s eyes the appreciation and happiness that they felt.

Is Your Toilet Roaring? Know How to Make it Calm Again

Are you listening to gurgling sound when you flush your toilet? Sounds like a stupid question though, it actually happens quite frequently.

Well, you need not to fear, if this sound is due to sewage line cleaning performed by the council guys. However, there are a plethora of other reasons that can make your toilet roar at you. In this post, we will look into all these reasons one by one, and will learn how to fix them in the most effective way possible.

How To Create A Romantic Bathroom Setting

There are so many romantic bathroom ideas. This means, you have no reason to have an unadorned or plain bathroom. In the past, many people overlooked their bathrooms in their decorating plans. Today, no matter how large or small your bathroom is or the size of your budget, you can have an inviting, romantic bathroom.

Colours, Patterns and Textures