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Can You Make Your Own Porch Blinds?

porch blinds

There are many advantages that come with investing in porch blinds for this summer. The best part about it is: no matter your price range, there are options available for you. The cost for these blinds ranges a large spectrum from the smallest packages, to the most expensive designs. It is important to investigate all your options before making a final decision.

The Advantages

Your porch blinds can wrap all around your porch to create an outdoor room, or simply protect your windows from the rays of the sun, yet you can roll them up at any time to enjoy the outdoors.

The Pros And Cons Of Installing A Water Well In Your Home

One home improvement project that has been growing in popularity over the last few years is drilling a well to have on your own land.  Water is necessary for any sort of existence on earth so we spend a lot of time and resources on trying to source it, abstract it and conserve it.  On many properties it is possible to drill a well and tap in to your very own water supply.

The Anatomy of Anchored Brick Veneer Siding

Brick walls used to be built two bricks widths deep. This made for a strong, stable wall. Now they are made one width deep. What changed?

While it is true that most brick walls are only one brick deep there is a good reason for this. It isn’t just the economics of using half as many bricks.

Nifty Ideas To Spruce Up An Aging Concrete Patio

concrete patio

Concrete is the material of choice by many homeowners when it comes to building their patios.

The reason behind such popularity can be credited to the material's durability as well as finish and color variety. However, as with any other patio material, frequent exposure to outdoor elements could take its toll on concrete, causing it to develop cracks or holes. While addressing these problems can be easily done by patching up the concrete, it leaves behind unsightly marks that could affect the appearance of the patio.