6 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security

6 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security

Even if you live in a good neighborhood and keep your windows locked at all times, home security is an issue that should always be at the forefront of your mind. Many homeowners use “Beware of Dog” signs and other decoys as the extent of their security efforts.

However, there are numerous small home improvements that will maximize your home security even more. With these precautions, you’ll minimize the risk of having your home burglarized.

1, Implement Home Automation

With so much technology at our fingertips, there’s no reason we shouldn’t use it for our own safety. By installing some smart bulbs and curtains in your home, you’ll be able to deter potential burglars. Smart bulbs and curtains can be activated remotely from your phone, or you can set them on a timer.

This way, even when you’re gone for long periods of time, you can set lights to come on automatically in the evenings so it looks like you’re home.

Fake TV devices are another smart home deterrent. In an interview with 86 inmates currently serving time for burglary, almost all said they would avoid homes that appeared to have a radio or TV on inside. The solution? Buy a fake TV simulator to point at your window when the curtains are drawn. This small device casts light against the blinds that mimics the appearance of a TV screen.

Connect the fake TV device to a smart plug (like the WeMo) and turn it on/off remotely for better control.

2. Install a Smart Lock

There’s no sense in continually trying to remember whether or not you locked your front door. Smart locks usually only cost a couple hundred dollars and are programmed to lock right behind you each time. This isn’t a problem since you don’t need a key, but a simple code to get back in.

While it is recommended to still have a deadbolt on your door, smart locks are a sure way to prevent against accidentally leaving the door unlocked. They can also be controlled remotely via your smartphone. That way, you can assign temporary one-time codes to individuals you trust – without having to give away your master code.

3. Upgrade to an Iron or Steel Door

Iron and steel doors are much more durable than wood or fiberglass. Their heavy-duty construction makes them an automatic deterrent for most burglars. Even if an intruder were to try and break in through these doors, they’d find it rather difficult.

Most iron and steel doors are strong enough to withstand hurricanes, and come with steel t-astragals built into the frame to make it impossible for burglars to pry the doors open.

Iron Door

4. Invest in Security Cameras

There are plenty of affordable, DIY security camera systems. Ring has one of the best doorbell cameras on the market right now, but you may be looking for something a little more noticeable when it comes to ensuring your home security.

The Nest Cam and Netgear Home Camera systems are both cost-effective, easy-to-install home surveillance options that come with remote monitoring and cloud storage. Forget fancy wiring and security cameras that are just “facades”. These new security systems are sleek, compact, and inexpensive.

5. Install a Home Security System

“Duh” is what you’re probably thinking. Yet, only 17% of American homes have a security system installed. While many homeowners may forego this because of the expense, DIY all-in-one security systems are perfect for this reason.

There are various wireless home security systems on the market now, consisting of “monitoring stations” that contain a motion sensor and alarm wrapped into one. As soon as they detect movement, they go off, sending burglars into a frenzy.

6. Get Some Flood Lights

Crooks are automatically deterred by sudden lights or sounds – pretty much anything that will bring attention to them. Install exterior motion sensor lights near any potential entry-way or break-in points. This includes your front door, back door, garage, and any side doors or unguarded windows.

Many modern-day security camera systems come with built in motion sensor lights, which allows you to kill two birds with one stone.

Installing motion-activated flood lights can easily be a DIY project. They’re a must with security cameras, as they allow prowlers to be better illuminated on video. Twin flood flights with 180-degree views will ensure you can identify burglars coming from every which way.

Home Security Flood Light

Modern technology is making home security a much more affordable and accessible possibility. With these new advancements, there’s no reason every household can’t take better safety precautions. After all, burglaries happen every 15 seconds, so there’s no telling when your home could be next.

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