Five Telltale Signs Your Home Isn't Secure

Telltale Signs Your Home Isn't Secure

Everyone should feel safe in their own homes. As human beings, we have a right to be comfortable and worry-free when we are relaxing on the couch in our pajamas or when we leave for vacation. Having the nagging feeling that your home might not be secure is a stress-point many of us don’t need. Unfortunately, your home may not be as safe as you think.

Luckily, thinking about the safety and security of your home is easy – especially if you do so before an actual incidence has occurred. There are certain signs that burglars and criminals look for when deciding upon their next target. Below are five important signs that might indicate that your home is a prime target. Take a look and decrease the likelihood that your home falls victim to an intrusion.

"Hidden" Spare Key

Having a spare key just outside the house somewhere may seem like a great idea for potential emergencies. If you’ve ever locked yourself out of the house, if the power goes out and your garage door won’t open, or if you’ve lost your keys, then you can understand why hiding a spare key somewhere outside would be beneficial

Unfortunately, hiding a spare key is also beneficial to criminals. Spare key rock will not fool an experienced burglar, and many are completely obvious to even an untrained eye. Never make the mistake of leaving a key under the welcome mat, in a clever fake rock, or underneath a potted plant. In fact, it’s best not to leave a spare key anywhere near your house. If you are prone to losing your keys or locking yourself out of the house, however, consider giving the spare to a trusted neighbor rather than keeping it hidden in an obvious place outside of your home.

Evidence Of Expensive Belongings

When criminals are searching for a house to rob, they prefer to know that there is something worth stealing within the home. In order to make their risk more worthwhile and their time more profitable, many burglars look for houses that show signs of valuables or wealth. While you should enjoy setting up your house and decorating it any way you like, be careful of what types of items you place in front of windows or doors. If they can be seen from the street, it might be a big “Welcome” sign for burglars.

Consider televisions, laptops, and any other electronic devices to be desirable items for burglars. Even leaving the flat screen TV box in front of your house before trash day can be a big clue as to what awaits a burglar on the inside. Also, be mindful of jewelry, art, and décor, such as vases, that look pricey. Either keep them away from the windows or have the curtains or blinds drawn around-the-clock. Making your home seem as average as possible is the key.

Ignoring The Back Door

When you think about protecting your house, you most likely think about your front door first. You make sure it’s locked every night when you go to bed and every day when you leave. But do you ever think about your back door? A burglar does!

Criminals actually prefer to enter a home through a back or side door because it keeps them out of street sight. Secure all doors and windows in your home to make sure you don’t leave any easy points of entry for unwanted guests. Having a security system that covers all entries and openings will help you keep your house on lock.

Leaving Doors Unlocked

Always lock your doors and windows. Even if you think that you live in a safe place, criminals are quick to notice an unlocked door, even if it’s not wide open. Windows are also a potential way to easily slip in and out of a home. The majority of people lock their doors and windows in the evenings but forget to do so during the day when they leave for a quick trip to the store. This is prime time for a criminal to enter the home so be careful to avoid this common mistake and always keep your home locked.

Social Media Addicts

Social media is a burglar's best friend. Never post details about a vacation you are taking or a time you will not be at home. Even with strong privacy settings it is not too challenging for a friend of a friend to see your social media posts. This person could be a potential burglar and your posts could clue them in to when you will not be home. Burglars obviously prefer to strike when there is less chance of getting caught and too many details on social media alert them of this.

No one wants to feel vulnerable at home, and especially when they’re not at home! It’s important to watch out for these five telltale signs that your home is not secure. If any of them apply to your home, then take the aforementioned steps to reduce or eliminate the possibility of a criminal selecting your home as their next potential target.

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