Items Most Commonly Stolen From Garages

Items Most Commonly Stolen From Garages

Garages are common targets for thieves. Often they are unlocked and contain valuable items that can be easily resold or pawned. Garages can be easily accessible and pose less of a risk for thieves than breaking into a home itself.

If the garage door itself can't be opened, there is often a side door access which people leave unlocked that can provide perfect access for thieves. Because garages are such low hanging fruit for thieves, it is important to secure the garage the best you can and avoid leaving items of high value in the garage. Even if you take every precaution, however, garages are still vulnerable targets for their contents. Here are a few of the most commonly stolen items from garages.


Many people keep their bicycles in their garage because they lack space elsewhere or just assume that bikes are meant to be stored in the garage. This is risky. If you have a locking automatic garage door and a locking side door, the risk may be slightly reduced since often thieves don't want to spend a lot of time and make a lot of noise breaking into a locked garage. Sometimes, though, it is irrelevant. Bikes are easily resold or traded and are easy to steal--think of them as getaway vehicles. Depending on how much you value your bike you may consider keeping it inside the house in a storage room or basement.

Power Tools

You may not think that anyone would be interested in your heavy, dirty power tool collection, but that's because you don't understand the mind of a thief. Power tools can resell easily and be pawned--probably not for much, but that's another discussion. If you have sets of new tools, consider locking them up in a safe box or locking them together. New tools can cost hundreds of dollars, and you don't want to be in a position where you are out that money and have to replace all the tools. In short, lock your garage and lock up your tools.


First, if you are leaving guns in your garage, you are either extremely confident that your garage and guns are totally secure or you are not yet mentally equipped to own and store firearms. A lot of people keep their hunting rifles and other weapons in the garage without realizing that these are highly valuable items to thieves. Guns are have a high street value, are extremely easy to sell, can cost you thousands to replace, and can even get you into legal trouble if they are used and traced back to you, the legal owner. If you must store guns in your garage, invest in a gun safe. Never leave guns out where anyone can see them and gain access to them.


Many people keep electronics in their garage--speakers, stereos, TVs, iPods, etc. Depending on the garage setup, any number of these items may be in the garage, either out in full view or tucked away in storage. If a thief is rummaging through your garage and happens upon a piece of electronic equipment, it only reinforces the idea that garages are lucrative places to rob. If you use expensive electronics in the garage, consider moving them inside you home after use. Unless it is something clearly outdated and of little cash value, move it inside when you finish using it. 

Note From The Editor:
  • I had assumed that my tool kit was too heavy for thieves so I left it in my garage - I was wrong and some devious burglars must have backed a truck up to my garage and used lifting equipment because they stole the lot. Jason.
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