Turn Your Home Garage Into A Professional Showroom

Turn Your Home Garage Into A Professional Showroom

People might not realize that the humble garage can be used for so much more. Garages are generally the storage areas of a house, used to park cars, and keep less than beautiful appliances like lawn mowers and power tools stored away.

However, with some ingenuity, garages can actually be used as a professional showroom. This is a far cry from how most people view their garages, which is sometimes an area they would usually like to keep hidden from guests. If you would like to try to turn your garage into a showroom, or are just curious, keep reading below about how to do so.

Get Rid Of The Clutter And Start Cleaning

Garages are notorious for being full of clutter. The first step is to clear the garage of all the clutter. Figure out an organizational system and start organizing, so that the floor eventually becomes visible and clear. Then after everything has been sorted, organized, and moved away from the floor, start mopping and cleaning the floors.

Install Floor Covering

Floor tiles are a quick and easy way to add some much needed color and life to a generic, lifeless garage. There are a great variety of options, colors, and looks to choose from, and they are relatively easy to install. Another option besides floor tiles are to resurface your floor with a variety of other unique and stylish surfaces.

A popular coating is epoxy coating, which involves using colored chips to create an aesthetically pleasant texture. This boils down to individual taste and preference. But the end result should be the same, which is a floor that you’re proud to show your neighbors instead of wanting to keep hidden behind closed doors.

Another option is painting the floor the color of your choice. Ultimately, the finish of the floor is what is going to give your garage that showroom feel. So to recap you can decide between:

  • Floor tiles
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Painting
  • Latex coatings

Coating the floor with latex is generally the cheapest option, but not the best to create a showroom feel, because of its tendency to peel.

A Transformed Space

Once the space has been cleaned and the right flooring has been installed, now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labors. You might even want to throw a “garage warming party” for the local neighborhood.

This could be a serious cause of garage envy amongst the neighbors, but that is proof you did an excellent job with the transformation. Now the humble garage will no longer be an embarrassing eyesore, but a part of the house that can be used to show off to friends. 

People Increasingly Want To Transform Their Garages

Transforming a garage into a showroom follows a larger trend of people wanting to use their garage space in a more effective way. Whether its converting it into an office, installing more cabinets to make more effective use of the space, or converting it into a showroom, people want to make more effective use of a large area in their house.

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