Nifty Ideas To Spruce Up An Aging Concrete Patio

Nifty Ideas To Spruce Up An Aging Concrete Patio

Concrete is the material of choice by many homeowners when it comes to building their patios.

The reason behind such popularity can be credited to the material's durability as well as finish and color variety. However, as with any other patio material, frequent exposure to outdoor elements could take its toll on concrete, causing it to develop cracks or holes. While addressing these problems can be easily done by patching up the concrete, it leaves behind unsightly marks that could affect the appearance of the patio.

If you are starting to lament over the less than desirable appearance of your concrete patio, take heart. There are fixes you can do that will not necessarily require you to use a jackhammer to remove the existing concrete and lay down a new one. Today, there are more practical solutions you can do to revive the appearance of your concrete patio. These enhancements can be added to an existing concrete slab with great ease over the weekend and with little investment of money on your part.

Engrave the Concrete

One great way to give your patio a dramatic flair is to etch a pattern or design over it. This is a permanent treatment that will not wear away simply because the pattern is carved into the concrete instead of being applied on top of it.

Start off by cleaning your patio and patching up cracks and holes. Once the repairs are done and the patches are dry, mark out your pattern or design onto the concrete with a fine-tip felt pen or chalk. Then, simply run a circular saw following the lines of the pattern that you did. If you are satisfied with the look, paint over your concrete patio with a latex-, oil- or acid-based paint to make the engraving pop out against the surrounding.

Go to a New Hue

There are different ways how you can give bare concrete a chance to wow with color. You can apply paint, dye or stain on it. Since concrete is a porous material, the paint, dye or stain will penetrate deeply into the surface, which will give your patio a rich hue.

Before you do any of the aforesaid techniques, though, be sure to clean and prepare the patio surface. Likewise, do a small test area on the concrete to ensure that you get the tone that you want. Should you choose to go with paint, you can add a decorative pattern to the patio to add interest underfoot. Be forewarned, though, that a painted concrete patio will demand regular repainting.

Give the Existing Concrete it a New Face

If the concrete surface is still sound yet unattractive, one of the best solutions you can do to give it a facelift is to use it as a substrate to support tiles, bricks, slate or other masonry materials. To do this, you need to evenly cover the entire patio with a thin layer of cement. Then, set the new material you have chosen on the concrete surface.

Once everything is in place, you would want to seal the area against weather and wear damage. This is also an opportunity for you to apply a non-slip coating to prevent falls and slips. To do that, mix a non-slip compound into the sealer and evenly apply the solution on the surface using a paint roller. Allow the whole area to dry before reusing the patio.

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