Achieve External Beauty: Quick Ways to Clean Your Vinyl Siding

Quick Ways to Clean Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has quickly become the most well-known siding material. It looks great, durable, and doesn’t flake or rot. However, it gets a dull and dirty appearance over time.

Luckily, cleaning your vinyl siding is a simple task you can do. Whether you're doing a single rinse to keep it bright or a deeper clean to eliminate dirt and mildew, here are some of the ways to make your vinyl siding look new again.

Secure Outlets and Openings

Whether you’ve just started learning about how to clean vinyl siding or any other siding of your house, it is a vital step. First, find your fuse box and breaker and switch off the power supply to any of the outside outlets and light fixtures. Then, for added security, cover every one of those outlets and fixtures with plastic bags or sheets and use duct tape to attach the plastic.

Although this seems like a no-brainer, some people still forget this step. Hence, make sure that all of the doors and windows are closed tight before starting to wash your siding.

House with vinyl siding

Clean Using Bleach Solution

One of the most popular ways to wash your siding is the use of water, bleach, and detergent. If your white siding is starting to look a little green, then it's probably the step you want to take, as this solution is strong against dirt and mildew. Take note to use caution when dealing with chemicals like bleach.

To start, mix one gallon of water, one-quarter of liquid bleach, two-thirds of powdered cleaner, and one-third cup of powdered detergent in a garden sprayer. Another tip for using this garden sprayer is to install nozzle from your hose to reach higher areas in your house.

After mixing the cleaning solution, you can then start applying it to your vinyl siding. One gallon of your cleaning solution should cover at least 10’ by 20’, depending on how you do it. Then, after applying a good coat to your siding, let it stand for at least five minutes.

Clean By Pressure Washing

Since cleaning vinyl siding by hand can be tiring, some may decide to use a pressure washer. Pressure washers can save a lot of energy and time and produce best results, but it can also damage your siding and cause further problems if misused.

Begin pressure washing your siding from the bottom up in small portions, using a steady pace and side-to-side motion to prevent streaking. First, identify the amount of pressure that you can safely apply to your vinyl siding.

Next, hold the nozzle at eye-level and point it directly at the siding using your two hands. A spray upward can force water to enter behind your siding, creating more damages such as mold and mildew that can grow on wet spots. If you’re nearby, you can visit shops that offer services like those from Maid Complete's Seattle service area.

Don’t Forget to Rinse

When cleaning siding, it is essential to rinse as you go. It is because you want to get the grime and dirt off before it reaches the time to dry on again. So, every time you finish cleaning your siding, immediately rinse it with water using your garden hose. Further, make sure to rinse the dirt and soap all the way to the ground every time.


Even a low-maintenance vinyl siding needs cleaning at least once a year, and more often if you live near a busy road or a dusty, open field. Hence, develop an action plan using a pressure washer or a bleach solution to clean your entire home exterior.

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