15 Lifehacks To Gain Storage And Sanity In The Home

15 Lifehacks To Gain Storage & Sanity At Home

If you’re living in a tiny flat or have a large family that comes with a lot of clutter, storage is key to keeping your home tidy and your brain relaxed. Try these tips around your home to help you keep your life tidy and your personal space organised!

Living Room

1. The Cupboard under the Stairs

If Harry Potter isn’t living in there, the space or cupboard under your stairs can be used super effectively for storage. Install some roll out storage bins or line the walls with shelves to hold objects you use rarely - Christmas decorations, old books, large toys. You could even use them to store your unsightly recycling neatly.

2. Wall to Wall bookshelves

Wall bookshelf

Wall space is important, and a great way to utilise extra storage space is to use it! A bookshelf that covers an entire wall is a good investment that will give you a huge amount of space and a focal point for your main room.

3. Get a Trunk

A good quality trunk not only functions as a storage space, but can also be used as a great little chair if you have a lot of guests around!


Loft Bed - great for creating more space

4.‘Loft’ your Bed

This is particularly good for a children’s bedroom, buying a bed that has space underneath for a desk or a sofa means using all your vertical space!

5. Horizontal Clothing Storage

Many of us just shove our clothes straight from the clean laundry basket straight into our drawers, but if you fold your clothes and store them horizontally rather than vertically you will save so much space for extra clothes! This also eliminates rooting around trying finding your remaining pair of tights amongst your pile of pants!

6. Budget Scarf Store

If you can’t help collecting scarves but struggle to store them, take a set of shower curtain rings and put them on a clothes hanger and voila! You’ve made your very own scarf store that will take up no space and make it easy to pick which scarf to put on every wintry morning.

7. Bedknobs and Storage

If you have bedknobs, use them for storage! They make a good place to pile on your hats, hold your necklaces and wrap your scarves around.

8. Use the Space under your Bed

There are no monsters under there, just loads of unused storage space! If you’re on a budget, glue together a bunch of shoe boxes to create your own little storage centre that will slide neatly underneath your bed, perfect for party shoes.


Hanging pots and pans - great for creating more space

9. Make a diagonal Cutlery Drawer

Diagonal storage means tricky items that won’t fit in your drawer – soup ladles, whisks etc., will snuggle in there easily while your smaller items will fit comfortably around. Easy to make and a great space saver.

10. Get a fold-down Kitchen Table

Fitting a fold-down table to your wall means you can save space and create an instant breakfast bar or a little table for guests which is easy to tide away. They’re simple to fit, even make from scratch – you just need wood and a hinge – and it’s a clever way of turning your kitchen into a multi-functional space.

11. Store your pots and pans in your vertical space

Saucepans tend to hide and take up space in the biggest kitchen cupboard, stacked awkwardly. The worst part is that you never seem to find the one you need! Buying hooks for your kitchen wall or ceiling and storing your pans vertically saves precious cupboard space and makes cooking just that little bit easier.

Home Office

12. DIY Memo Board

A great place to store reminders, to do lists, photos or post-it notes, a DIY memo board is a simple make that will not only help you organise your office, but will add a personalised touch of colour to your work space.

13. Chalkboard Paint

Instead of crowding your office with memos, post-its, calendars and shopping lists, paint a section of your wall with chalkboard paint! This genius invention turns any wall into a traditional chalkboard instantly. It looks great and is an attractive, old-school way of keeping your life together. 


14. Put an Extra Rod in the Shower

A common storage problem is where do you put all your gel and shampoos when you’re in the bath or shower? Putting a rod up across the shower and hanging little baskets to store your smellies and sponges means everything is organised and to hand while you have your wash!

15. Use the inside of your Bathroom Cabinet Door

Your cabinet will be stuffed with toothpaste, make-up and old medicines, so why not use to inside of the door to utilise space? Install hooks to hang your flannels, a small pin board for earrings, or even little baskets for your toothbrushes!

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