Don’t Let Your Boiler Devalue Your Home

Don’t Let Your Boiler Devalue Your Home

The boiler is the heart of the home. Particularly as winter approaches, our boiler becomes an ever more valuable member of the family. However, it comes as news to nobody that the boiler is not the most attractive of household appliances. What may surprise you is that an exposed boiler can actually devalue your house!

What’s the Problem?

Earlier this year a report revealed that having an unsightly boiler visible in the home could reduce the valuation of a house by around £5000. 57% of house buyers questioned stated that they would demand a price reduction on finding an exposed boiler whilst 1 in 10 said they considered them to be the biggest eyesore in a home and 68% stated that it would put them off purchasing a property altogether!

But don’t panic, as this needn’t be the case; as for not too much money it is easy to cover your boiler. So, whether you’re looking to up sticks and want to get the most money for your house, or you’re simply sick of your old white boiler running your carefully planned colour scheme, we have a solution for you.

Before You Get Started…

When covering a boiler there are a number of technical considerations that must be adhered to, including leaving appropriate ‘breathing’ space for the device. Ventilation is vital; however, specific ventilation requirements vary depending on the manufacturer. So, if there is any doubt, contact the manufacturer or a qualified boiler installer for clear details.

When planning your adaptations, it is important to also consider that any modifications should not affect the ability to easily access controls in order to adjust the heating, or an engineer’s ability to access pipe work and internal components.

If the boiler is located in the bathroom or a similarly wet area, there will of course be increased considerations in regards to the materials used to cover the device. In these cases, it is important to contact a professional to discuss the necessary requirements for anything used to cover the device.

Once you’ve checked the requirements and are all measured up, it’s time to get going! But where to start?

Suits You

There are a number of ways in which you can easily detract attention from the presence of a boiler. But before you grab your toolkit and box in the whole thing, take a minute to consider if it be better to hide it, distract from it, camouflage it, or even integrate it into the room’s existing design?

On a Budget

It is understandable that you might not want to spend crazy amounts of money covering up your old boiler. Luckily, for those of you who are revamping on a budget there are a number of ways that you can conceal the boiler without breaking the bank.

Install a curtain.

Fitting a curtain to cover your boiler is an inexpensive and relatively simple way to hide the eyesore. The endless variety of materials to choose from means that you will be able to select one which perfectly fits with the design of the room, allowing your boiler to become part of your interior design.

Cover it with a board.

Simply covering your boiler with a notice board will make this the new focus of attention. Pick up an inexpensive pin board to prop against the boiler and cover with holiday snaps, cards and seasonal décor so that whilst your boiler may still be visible it will now be a loved feature of the room.

Box in the pipework.

This simple step will make your boiler immediately less unsightly. Premade pipe casing can be picked up cheaply from most home improvement stores and easily installed around any exposed piping.

Dare to DIY

Build your own boiler cover.

If you’re a DIY whizz and want to give it a go yourself then start by heading to your local handy store and pick up some plywood. This is the ideal material for creating your own structure to disguise the boiler. Carefully measure your boiler and create your own bespoke structure dedicated to concealing the eyesore.

Invest in a wooden frame.

For the same effect with less work, why not purchase a simple wooden frame which can then be clad with your choice of panelling. Select panelling which matches your existing interiors for a chic and finished look.

For the DIY Novice

Adapt premade fittings.

If the thought of plywood and hammers brings you out in cold sweats why not consider investing in a pre-made kitchen wall unit which could be adapted to cover your boiler? If this seems outside your DIY capabilities, hire a handyman for a day’s work and they will be able to customise the unit in no-time.

Invest in purpose-built boiler casing.

Specially-made boiler casings are now widely available. So, whether you want to cover just the pipes or the whole shebang it’s worth shopping around for some premade goodies.

When Money Isn’t an Issue

Boiler installed in a cupboard

So, you’re not tied by your purse strings? You lucky thing. If this is the case then there are a plenty of ways in which your boiler can be concealed.

Bespoke is best.

Hiring a joiner means that they will be able to create a completely bespoke boxing system tailor-made for your house.

Space it out.

If you have the means, it is worth considering creating an entirely separate space for the boiler. Turn the location of the device into a laundry or utility room where the boiler will not disturb the room’s aesthetic.

Capitalise on its Possibilities

When it comes to planning your boiler-concealing solution, don’t forget to consider all the possibilities of the new addition to your home!

Extra storage.

If you’re hoping to encase the boiler, this will also provide excellent storage space. Don’t let this go to waste and treat your boiler casing as an extra cupboard for your home.

Make your mark.

Blackboard paint is easy to come by nowadays and coating any cladding with it will provide an opportunity for further personalisation.

Embrace Your Boiler

If all else fails, embrace your boiler. Whilst it may never be the most aesthetically pleasing part of your home, it is part of it all the same. And after all, your house wouldn’t be a home without it.

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