Is It Safe To Stay Home During Pest Control Work?

Is It Safe To Stay Home During Pest Control Work?

If you hire the experts to eliminate your pest control problem then you should not have any problem with the safety of anyone in your home. It’s important to hire an exterminator who is state licensed. This means that they have the expertise not only to carry out the work, but also do an inspection then advise you on any safety precautions you need to take.

What preparations do you need to make before your pest control appointment?

For routine pest control treatments most of the work takes place outside of your home. The idea is to prevent any unwanted pests from gaining access to your property. You need to make sure that the exterminators have unrestricted access to the exterior of your home. You also need to make sure that your children and the family pets are not playing in the area to be treated.

If you have actually identified an infestation inside your home then there are a variety of pesticides that can be used, and elimination methods that can be employed. For any of this work to take place you need to ensure that the interior space is clear of any objects on the floor, and that all food is securely stored. If you have a fish tank in any of the rooms which require treatment you need to protect the fish inside by sealing the fish tank completely and either covering or switching off the pump.

Obviously you cannot leave the pump switched off for a long time so you may have to make arrangements to pump oxygen into the tank from outside your home. You should check with the professionals but it is often recommended that children, pregnant women and those with allergies or other breathing difficulties leave the premises before treatment begins.

What does the treatment involve?

Pest control is carried out using solutions of pesticides that are strong enough to kill pests but are not harmful to humans, as long as they adhere to the safety instructions. Treatments carried out vary, and often depend on what type of pest is involved.

If the treatment involves spraying dusts into cracks then there is no reside involved. However, if it’s necessary to treat exposed areas with pesticides then there will be residue present which needs to be left to dry before anyone comes into contact with it; this normally takes around 2-3 hours.

What about when the extermination is complete?

You need to speak to the professionals about how long you should remain out of your home after treatment. This will depend on what treatment has been undertaken and how susceptible you are to the potential residue present; in the case of pregnant women or children for instance. If you have any concerns about potential problems caused by the pesticides then your may prefer to remain out of your home until the treated areas have completely dried. Then you can feel completely safe entering your pest free home.

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