DIY Hyundai Getz Key Fob Battery Replacement

Hyundai Getz Key

This article was originally published on March 7th 2015 and was updated on July 7th 2018 with additional information.

An Australian friend found his Hyundai Getz key stopped working even though the light flickered on when the button was pushed. After looking around the web and not finding any instructions on what to do, he figured it out himself and sent me some pictures and instructions detailing how he overcame the problem so it might help others.

Although the Getz went out of production in 2011 there are still many of them on the roads - particularly in Australia and the UK, and many owners will start having this problem soon as the lithium battery inside the key fob starts to go flat.

This doesn't mean you can't drive your Getz, it just means you'll have to use the physical key to open the car and that will set the alarm off every time until you start the engine.

Although it's possible something else may have gone wrong with your key, the first thing to try is replacing the battery yourself because this will only cost you a few dollars or pounds whereas a replacement key can run into the hundreds.

The first thing to know is that just because the light is still flickering on when you press the button, that doesn't mean the battery still has enough power to transmit the code to the receiver in your car.

Step 1: Buy a replacement battery

The type of battery you need is a 3V lithium battery with the number CR1220. Leave it in the packet for now - you don't want anything touching the surface which could impair the contacts - this includes fingerprints.

Step 2: Unscrew the two halves of the key

On the back of the key you will find a single screw - simply unscrew it using a phillips head screwdriver then put the screw aside.

Screw removed from the back of a Hyundai Getz Key

Once you've done this pry apart the two halves of the key - you may need to gently insert a flat head screwdriver at the point where the metal part of the key comes out from the plastic casing - the end result should look like this:

Hyundai Getz key with back removed

Step 3: Remove the electronics compartment

Carefully remove the electronics compartment by lifting the key button up out of the key casing just like this:

Hyundai Getz key with the electronics compartment removed

Step 4: Remove the four screws on the electronics compartment

These screws are absolutely tiny and you'll need the smallest phillips head screwdriver - it's called size #0. Try to use a magnetized screw driver if you can so it will lift the screws out when done then place them somewhere safe such as in a white bowl - seriously, if you drop these on the floor they will be extremely hard to find.

Unscrewing the back of the Hyundai Getz key electronics compartment

Back of the Hyundai Getz key electronics compartment removed showing the battery

Step 5: Replace the battery and reassemble

When you remove the battery try not to touch the contacts with your fingers to avoid coating them with sweat which could cause them not to conduct properly.

top of the Hyundai Getz key electronics compartment

Once the battery is out it's a good idea to give the contacts a quick clean by using a cotton tip dipped in alcohol just to make sure they're able to make a good connection.

Also check the other side of the electronics compartment (pictured left) and the plastic key casing for moisture - that could have been the reason the battery's power drained in which case you'll want to make sure you dry it out before inserting the new battery.

When you're inserting the replacement battery the best thing to use are plastic tweezers, don't use metal tweezers or pliers because you might short the battery out.

Finally go test it and hopefully it's working perfectly again! If that hasn't solved the problem then I recommend you check out Hyundai Getz Forum for further advice.

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