Is Your Toilet Roaring? Know How to Make it Calm Again

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Are you listening to gurgling sound when you flush your toilet? Sounds like a stupid question though, it actually happens quite frequently.

Well, you need not to fear, if this sound is due to sewage line cleaning performed by the council guys. However, there are a plethora of other reasons that can make your toilet roar at you. In this post, we will look into all these reasons one by one, and will learn how to fix them in the most effective way possible.

The 3 Most Common Reasons Behind Gurgling Toilets

Blockage in the Main Sewer Line

Toilets are being used day and night, thus there are chances that some waste such as tissues, paper napkins, hairs or soap scrums can get accumulated inside the main sewer line, which can cause blockage over time. A blockage in the sewer line can slow down draining and block air-flow through it. And when air is being obstructed inside the line, it produces the gurgling kind of sound.

Clogged Vents or Incorrectly Installed Vents

Yes, that roaring sound coming out of your toilet drains can also be a result of a wrongly installed vent. To those not aware, a vent is a tube which is connected to the main sewer line. It typically extends to the outside of your property through the side. The main purpose of this pipe like tube is to produce suction force such that the water flows easily through toilet drains and sewer line. If your vent is installed improperly, it will cause less air and less suction which result into gurgling sound. A clogged vent is accountable for venting out harmful sewer line gases.

Full Septic Tank

Whether you septic tank is full or blocked, both have less room for air which can make your toilet produce that noise you hear from your toilet. If not fixed immediately, it can also result into overflow.

Hire a Professional Toilet Drain Unblocking and Repair Company

Regardless of the reason that is producing the gurgling sound in your toilet, having it checked by a professional drainage company is extremely important. After all, you would not wish your toilet to backflow into your house.

Toilet drain blockages are quite a common problem faced by any households and businesses. And often people don’t give any attention to their toilet drains, unless it starts overflowing or producing bad smells. While you can use tools like a plunger, auger or chemicals to fix the problem at its early stage, it is always wise to hire the professionals to handle the issue in the most effective manner possible.

The drainage specialist knows the right method and use the latest equipment such as CCTV system and hydro-jetter suitable for the job. And most importantly, they also take preventive measure to address sanitary issues while fixing the drain problems.

Like most people out there, if you have ignored the early signs of toilet drain blockages which have finally resulted into a major disruptive toilet drain, call out for the Toilet Drain Unblocking in your area today.

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