Safety Precautions Before Using A Power Drill

Safety Precautions Before Using A Power Drill

If you use power tools on a regular basis you're probably well versed with using them safely.

However it can be good from time to time to revisit these rules in a written form so you aren't complacent. Failure to comply with the rules may result in injury to yourself or others.

Some of the main rules which you'll need to conform to include:

  • Make sure your work area is well lit
  • Never use electric equipment in wet conditions
  • Don't use tools near flammable materials
  • Inspect electric cables before use
  • Follow any specific manufacturer instructions
  • Hold the drill firmly before depressing the trigger
  • Remove the chuck key before use
  • Wear suitable eye protection
  • Tie back long hair
  • Wear suitable clothing so no loose clothing can become entangled
  • Remove the drill from the power source when fitting new bits

It's the employer's responsibility to ensure that any portable equipment is safe for use but it's also important to put an emphasis on the user of the equipment too. It's important that every user looks at the risks before they use a portable appliance. Things they might need to look at include:

  • Do current safety precautions prevent the risk of injury?
  • Can further safeguards be put into place before the drill is used?
  • Is the method of drilling you are using the safest method or can the method be used to make it safer?

There are many reasons why the drill you are using might not be suitable for the job in question, but you can ask yourself some questions before you start drilling:

  • Has the drill been recently checked for electrical safety?
  • Is it in a good working condition?
  • Are the cable and connections ok?
  • Are guards fitted and if not is this possible?
  • Does the immediate area present a fire risk?
  • Have you been trained to use the equipment?
  • Do you need any further training?

If you are concerned in any way about the equipment you SHOULD NOT USE IT. You should also make sure that the equipment is not used by others and inform your employer of the problem.

There are many hazards which are associated with portable power tools and the user should be aware of these before using a tool. Some of these include electric shock, electrocution, burns, excessive heat, sparks, dust, flying particles, entrapment of clothing and cuts and abrasions.

One of the biggest mistake users of portable drills make is holding the tool by the power cord. Carrying the tool by the cord puts great pressure on the cord grip and can cause the electrical connections in the drill to come loose putting the user at risk. When the tool is not being used it should be disconnected and the plug should be removed from the power outlet. It's also important to inspect tools regularly and make sure you use appropriate PPE when using a power tool.

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