Lawn Care Gadgets For First-Time Homeowners

garden tools

If you’re moving into your first home, you’re probably going to be finding out the hard way that you don’t have a lot of the things you need to keep your home clean and working well. Once you’ve bought that plunger and a flashlight, thick about some of the basic lawn care items you’ll need once spring rolls around.

Shovel and Trowel

It goes without saying that this is perhaps one of the most important pieces of lawn equipment you could own. Without it, you can’t dig. Well, you could dig, but it would take forever. Shovels are great when you need to cut out a large piece of sod from the ground to make room for larger plants like bushes or small trees. Trowels and spades are like mini shovels that you can hold in your hand. They can help you dig smaller holes for small, individually packaged flowers or for smoothing out the soil when you’re done.

Leaf Rake and Garden Rake

How else are you going to get all of those leaves out of your lawn anyways? And don’t say “With a leaf blower”. Unless the area of your yard is counted in acres, you can stand to go without the noise and air pollution without a leaf blower and get a little workout by raking up your leaves. Keep in mind that a leaf rake is usually made out of plastic or some cheap metal, with blades that fan out long and wide to grab as many leaves as possible. A garden rake is the kind you step on and it hits you in the nose in the cartoons.  You can use a garden rake to evenly spread out mulch and soil and break up dirt clods. Turn it over to smooth out the soil for planting.

Lawn Mower and Edger

Obviously you’ll need a lawnmower to trim your grass, unless you want to go for the “au naturale” look. In order to figure out what kind you need, first look at your budget. how much are you willing to spend? Then, do some research on the best models for your budget. COnsider the size of your lawn, too. If you have an extensive yard that is a half-acre or more, it might be more efficient to get a sitting mower than a push mower. To accompany our mower, grab a trimmer to keep the edges of your grass looking sharp. Edgers are great for trimming along sidewalks, driveways, mailboxes, flowerbeds, and other landscaping.

Gloves and Goggles

Safety first! Gardening gloves are important to protect your hands and fingers from dirt, sharp rocks, and gross bugs. There a ton of different kinds you can buy in order to suit different tasks. Buy one or buy them all. The thinnest gloves are best for handling seeds and weeding because they have a close fit and allow for dexterity. There are also coated cotton gloves, which are best worn during wet tasks, like lifting a bunch of wet leaves into a trash bag. The heaviest leather gloves are for clearing brush or carrying firewood and will protect you from splinters, among other things.

Bonus Gadgets: Watering Can and Hose

Not only are watering cans a quaint symbol of the dedicated gardener, they are equally handy for watering your potted plants. Also, grab a hose for watering the rest of your lawn.

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