When you need to hammer, screw, cut, grind, plane, level, dig, rake or just about anything thing else around the home - you need right tools for the job. This section of Totally Home Improvement aims to help you with reviews and news about all the kinds of equipment you need for your home projects.

Hitachi NR38AK: Pneumatic 1-1/2” Strap-Tite Fastening System Strip Nailer

Hitachi NR38AK

Hitachi recently sent me the following information about the latest addition to their Strap-Tite range...

Using a Portable Generator for Emergency Home Office Power

Honda EU 10i Generator

I live in an area where during the annual storm season we can lose mains electricity from time to time. I also work from home so this can get a bit frustrating and this year I plan to be prepared so I've been looking into generator options.

There's a bit of planning you need to do to work out what type of generator to get, and I've done mine so I'll share the steps I've gone through and that will hopefully be a good guide for you when working out what you need.

The Best Battery Powered Drills for DIY at Home

Battery Powered Drills

When rechargeable NiCad (nickel cadmium) batteries became relatively affordable in the 1980's, their marriage to the power drill suddenly meant we had practical cordless drills and the market for them grew so rapidly that few DIY'ers exclusively use drills which take their electricity from mains power anymore.

Since the 1990's an increasing number of cordless drill manufacturers have switched to using Li-ion (lithium-ion) batteries instead. Although they're a little more expensive, they offer many benefits including faster charging, longer life, and less weight - which can be very important when using your drill to work in tricky spaces and drilling or screwing into surfaces above your head.

Lawn Care Gadgets For First-Time Homeowners

garden tools

If you’re moving into your first home, you’re probably going to be finding out the hard way that you don’t have a lot of the things you need to keep your home clean and working well. Once you’ve bought that plunger and a flashlight, thick about some of the basic lawn care items you’ll need once spring rolls around.

Safety Precautions Before Using A Power Drill

Use a drill safely

If you use power tools on a regular basis you're probably well versed with using them safely.

However it can be good from time to time to revisit these rules in a written form so you aren't complacent. Failure to comply with the rules may result in injury to yourself or others.

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