Tips On How To Keep Your Garage Tidy & Well Organised

Tips On How To Keep Your Garage Tidy & Well Organised

A lack of storage space in the home can be a frustrating problem, making it difficult to keep everything tidy and organised. Although designed for cars of course, garages provide a considerable amount of storage space, but are often treated as a bit of a dumping ground, rather than used to their full potential.

All sorts of items tend to be kept in the garage, including:

  • Tools
  • Bikes
  • Garden furniture
  • Cleaning products & paints
  • Camping Equipment
  • Sports Equipment
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Gardening tools & equipment

The trouble is that it is no easy task keeping everything tidy and organised. As anyone with a garage knows to well, things tend to ‘gather’. Help is at hand! The following helpful tips will give you some great ideas on how to use your garage space more effectively and maximise its storage capabilities.

Shelving Units

A few strategically placed metal-shelving units paired with some stackable plastic storage containers will look smart and help you keep things in order. Label your containers clearly to make it even easier to lay your hands on what you are looking for.

Utilising the wall space effectively with plenty of shelves helps to keep the floor area clear for larger items, like the car!

Look Up

One of the best possible ways to maximise floor space in your garage is to fit a storage solution to your ceiling. There are a number of DIY kits to choose from to create sliding systems, using tracks and plastic storage bins and containers of various sizes. This is a great way to organise and store a variety of lightweight items, including seasonal clothing, decorations and so on.

Free Standing Racks

Why not keep your shovels; rakes; brooms and mops tidy using a purpose made freestanding rack that will hold all of your long handled items in one place.

Wall Racks

In addition to shelving units there are a huge variety of storage options for the wall. Pegboards are an effective and inexpensive way to display a variety of items and tools neatly; perfect for keeping frequently used items in easy reach. You could of course create a number of different solutions yourself, using wood, pegs, hooks, elastic bungees etc.


Rather than splash out on brand new shelving and storage units, it is well worth looking for second hand items being sold locally first. Alternatively you could simply repurpose shelving or cabinets you no longer want or need inside the house. Old kitchen wall units are perfect for use in the garage and any repurposed units or furniture can be painted in a finish of your choice to smarten them up.


It is crucial to fix all shelving and racks securely to prevent accidents, don’t take any chances. Keep the garage free of obstacles and trip hazards and keep any dangerous tools, items or chemicals well out of reach of children. You could consider lockable cabinets for certain items.

White Goods

If you have enough space in the garage, relocating white goods in the garage can free up space inside the home. Chest freezers are often kept in the garage due to their bulky dimensions, but the washing machine could be another option, surrounded by utility room style shelving to help you keep all related items close to hand.

Brighten It Up

Just because it’s a garage does not mean it needs to look dull. Brighten up your garage with a lick of paint if it looks tired to give it an instant lift. Practical spaces can look great too. A tidy, well-organised garage adds an extra dimension to your home. This additional space can be a real asset, helping you to streamline your home and make it more functional overall.

Garages Aren’t Just For Cars!

Devote a bit of time to organising the way you store items in your garage and get the space in good order. It is well worth the effort and before you know it you will have a garage worth bragging about!

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