How to Personalise your Child's Bedroom Door

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For many children, their bedrooms are an almost sacred place; A place where their imaginations are left to run wild in both their dreams and during play-time. It's also the room in which they will most likely be spending the lions share of their time. As a parent, you want the best for your children. You want them to be comfortable and safe but most importantly, you want them to be happy!

Thankfully, although children are far more 'savvy' than they might have been 10 or 20 years ago, the burgeoning curiosity of most can still be sated with some pretty colours and a fair amount of imagination. It's up to you to catalyse that imagination, and what better way to do that than to make sure their rooms are perfectly outfitted to inspire their creativity and enthusiasm for life.

The bedroom door is the 'gateway' to this very unique world of infinite possibility. As such, it should act as a reflection of your child's personality. Below, we'll be exploring a few affordable ideas through which you can transform your child's bedroom door from a simple slab of wood and a couple of hinges into a glamorous, personalised portal, an access point to infinite worlds of fun!

  • Painting the door in your child's favourite colour might not seem like a big deal, but it will take very little effort and will really show them that you care. It'll also help them identify it as 'their' room.

  • A customised plaque or sign with your son or daughters name embossed in their favourite, fun font is another inexpensive decoration that will lend your child's bedroom door an element of personality. You could even go so far as to decorate the plaque with their favourite animals and shapes or characters and themes from their favourite television shows, sports, books or games. The potential designs are limitless (there are literally thousands of example designs online). You could even design your own, or design and build it together with your child. A potential bonding experience that is also a usable decoration.

  • For generations, parents have monitored their children's yearly growth by marking their heights on a growth chart. Why not further personalise their bedroom door by killing two birds with one stone and marking an area of the door specifically for this purpose. They'll get a kick out of seeing their own grow in a tangible way and you'll have a wonderful, ever expanding visual memory to relish.

  • Stickers and Posters are another incredibly inexpensive, but effective way to personalise your child's bedroom door. Using posters and stickers that reflect their favourite TV shows, characters or (if they are a little bit older) bands will really help them develop a sense of identity.

  • On a similar theme, hanging your child's drawings, sketches and school work on their bedroom door (instead of the stereotypical fridge) will help their rooms feel special and unique. It will also reinforce your pride in them, and every child wants to feel like their parents are proud of them.

  • Adding a lock to your child's bedroom door (which they control from the inside) shows you trust your son or daughter. Letting them feel like they can have their own private space that you are only allowed to intrude upon 'if they allow it' might really help with their self-esteem. Of course this really depends on the child and your own circumstances.

  • A literal 'drawing board' (be it a chalk board or a white board) will allow your child to personalise their own bedroom door and best of all, it won't be permanent! Allowing them to essentially decorate their own doors will help them to explore their creative urges in a safe, controlled manner and will really help with their individuality.

This is just a 'jumping off point' of course; feel free to let your imagination run wild. Some parents have even gone so far as to completely customise their child's bedroom doors from scratch, building the doors themselves! You don't need to go that far though and if all else fails, simply ask your child what they want on their door. Who knows, their ideas might just surprise you!

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