5 Practical Ways to Save on your Energy Bills

5 Practical Ways to Save on your Energy Bills

With all the new appliances and gadgets that our fast-evolving technology has been spurting out in just the past few years, it’s no wonder why our electric bills have gone up.

Finding ways to save on them can not only benefit us, it also benefits our environment. Let’s discuss the ways of minimizing costs on our energy bills.


1. Minimize phantom loads

This is when an appliance is not actually turned on, yet consumes a trickling amount of energy. To avoid this, totally unplug items that you are not using, or you can just leave them on a power strip and switch off the strip when the appliances are not in use. Use PC and game console energy-management features to your advantage to minimize phantom loads.

2. Change your light bulbs

This is probably the easiest and fastest thing that you can do to save on your energy bills. Instead of incandescent bulbs, opt for compact fluorescent light bulbs instead. While they may be a bit more expensive to purchase, they can actually save you more in the span of their lifetime by consuming less energy to function. You can get some great advice on what kinds of lights to use from the Energy Star Lighting website.

3. Improve insulation and Seal air leaks

Improving insulation means that you have more control over your home’s temperature. Seal air leaks (such as those found in windows and doors) to make sure that warm air is not escaping out of your home, which would mean you needing to turn up the heater just to make sure that nobody in your household freezes to death or falls sick due to the cold. Do this in preparation for winter.

4. Switch to energy-efficient electronic appliances

Should you need new appliances, or are thinking about changing your current home appliances then be sure to shop around for those that consume less energy. This not only saves you a bit of money over bills, but it also means less energy is consumed, which translates to less destruction off natural resources over the years to come.

Sometimes you can make existing appliances use energy more efficiently. A good example are Smart Thermostats which can manage your heating and cooling system better than you can yourself.


5. Conserve water

While it may seem quite removed from energy bills, using less water actually impacts your electricity usage as well. Conserving water means less water is used, which lowers your water bill. With the lesser amount of water being used, especially in showering, this also means less hot water is being used, which translates to a reduction in your gas bills. In the case of electric-powered water heaters, this means a reduction in electrical bills.

Lowering the need for consuming energy should be on everyone’s goals as this not only means having to pay less on bills, but also lessens our carbon footprints. Other than the ways suggested above, we can also start planting more trees and shrubs around our home. This works to not only add more beauty to our front or backyards, but it also helps by providing that much needed shade during the warm or summer months, which means less use of energy that would otherwise have been necessary to keep cool.

So inspect your household today and look for the best ways where you can save on your energy bills.

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