Home Improvement Tips from a Minimalist

Home Improvement Tips from a Minimalist

Last year, April 2014 to be exact, my wife and I decided to go minimalist. Obviously, anyone can decide to be a minimalist in a blink of an eye, but actually living a minimalist lifestyle takes time. Having said that, I can say that we are still on the early stages of being full-pledge minimalists. Nevertheless, the important thing is that we have started, and I am here to share with you some of the things we have learned and applied in our lives, particularly in terms of home improvement. Now, the first thing you need to understand about minimalism is that it’s more than just a philosophy – it’s a lifestyle. If you are to improve your home with minimalist principles in mind, you need to first have a change of mind. Another important thing to remember is that minimalism does not equal to emptiness. It does not necessarily mean that you have to empty your home. On the other hand, it means less clutter, which leads to simplicity and elegance. Without further ado, here are some minimalist home improvement tips you can put into practice this 2015.

Empty Surfaces by Adding Hidden Storages

Clutter-free surfaces are one characteristic of a minimalist home. Every flat surface inside the house should be clear, except perhaps for one to two decorations. To achieve this, you will need to add hidden storages. Today, there are a lot of furniture that can double as storages. In our case, for instance, we had a four-foot seater custom made so that the base was transformed into a shoe cabinet. There are also coffee tables today that come with storage underneath.

Install Sleek Cabinets that Blend with Your Home’s Interior

If you’re going to spend money on home improvement, why not spend it on sleek-looking cabinets that can seamlessly blend with the rest of your home’s décor? Opt for colors that match that of the walls of your room. Go for cabinets that come with hidden pulls. Even if your storage has to be in the open, it won’t be as obvious since it blends with the surroundings.

Clear the Kitchen Counter with Deep Drawers

kitchen counter

Photo courtesy of Steve A Johnson

Again, you would want every surface inside your house free from clutter. In the kitchen, you can achieve this by installing deep drawers. Instead of filling your kitchen counter with utensils and other kitchen tools, store cooking necessities in drawer organizers.

Create a Focal Point

fireplace focal point in living room

Photo courtesy of Ndecam

Going minimalist doesn't mean not decorating your house at all. On the other hand, it means having one or two elements that you can turn into a focal point. The large wall in your living room, for instance, can be decorated with one large painting instead of multiple artwork and picture frames. You can then work around that focal point to create a theme.

Install Tracking Lights to Avoid Obtrusive Extension Cords

One of the main goals of minimalism is to reduce clutter, so by installing tracking lights instead of traditional lighting that come with obtrusive electrical cords, you can save space and get rid of clutter at the same time. Where to install tracking lights can be tricky, though, so take time to look for corners where they might fit nicely.

Expand Floor Options by Getting Rid of the Carpet

There’s nothing wrong with using carpets, but eliminating them can give your floor the minimalist look that you want. In my case, another reason that we don’t use carpets at home is that they can accumulate dirt over time, and that usually triggers allergic symptoms for me. Not to mention carpets are not so easy to clean and maintain. If you really want to use carpets, though, you can still achieve the minimalistic look by opting for neutral colors and trimmed design that won’t attract much attention to them.

Opt for Simple Window Dressing

When you’re trying to go for a minimalist look, laces and frills won’t do the trick. I would suggest going for simplicity by opting for clean lines. Blinds and shades are the best option in order to achieve this. They can block out the sun and give you privacy, and they can do it without drawing much attention to themselves.


There are other minimalist principles you can apply to improve your home’s appearance and function, but these are the ones that should be on top of your list. Apply them today and have a 2015 that’s clutter free and full of Zen.

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