101 of the Best Home Improvement Blogs

101 of the Best Home Improvement Blogs

Here is my presentation of 101 of the best Home Improvement Sites & DIY Blogs updated for 2018.

I first published this list in 2013, and a lot has changed during that time. Unfortunately a few of my favorite blogs are no longer being updated, but on the bright side there are a few good ones that have captured my attention since then and are now included below.

This year I've placed more emphasis in the top part of the list on those websites and blogs that have really good guides and advice on actually making and building things for your home, and there are a few more Smart Home sites as well.

  1. Ask The Builder - Tim's blog is a fantastic resource which is home to some of the best advice for home improvement projects on the web, and it's so good that this year I've bumped it up to number 1 from 3. Why don't I let Tim tell you about his blog himself
  2. Handyguys Podcast - you don't have to be a guy to visit their blog - but you do have to be interested in rational, factual ideas and product comparisons you can use around the home.
  3. Sawdust Girl - Sandra is seriously passionate about design, remodeling and carpentry. She provides some great posts detailing various home improvement projects she's done.
  4. Wilker Do’s - April Wilkerson provides top-notch advice on woodworking and DIY projects - amazingly when she started her blog back in 2013 she had never used power tools at that time, but you wouldn't know it now looking at some of the impressive projects she's completed.
  5. Rambling Renovators - Jennifer Flores does a great job of blogging aboot the projects she and her husband do to renovate their semi-detached Toronto home. Her philosophy is "The difference is in the details, and the details make all the difference."
  6. Paint Life TV - A YouTube channel that started off being mainly about home painting but has grown to include videos about plumbing and electrical as well.
  7. Hibbert's Home Tech - Home automation for noobs! Paul Hibbert makes a lot of YouTube videos that explain home automation in a really easy to follow way.
  8. Instructables - Their motto is "How to make anything" and they live up to it with tons of great projects with detailed instructions for people at all levels of DIY skills.
  9. Charles & Hudson - These guys have been recognized by a large number of bloggers and journalists as having one of the best home improvement blogs. They were at Number 1 on this list when I first published it, and I've kept them at Number 1 again this year!
  10. Ikea Hackers - all about modifications on and re-purposing of Ikea products with heaps of projects that have detailed step by step instructions.
  11. Consumer Reports - The leading source for independent information and ratings about important home appliances as well as tons of great advice for products around the home generally.
  12. Wirecutter - While they don't provide as many articles as Consumer Reports, they do have a lot of comparison guides about the 'best' products for the home with the benefit that all their product guides are free to access.
  13. Family Handyman - The website of the magazine that has stacks of advice and projects with detailed instructions. The print version is one of the Highest Rated Home Improvement Magazines.
  14. Bob Vila - he's the self proclaimed "Dean of Home Renovation & Repair Advice" and once you visit his blog you'll probably agree. He gets an "A" from me and remains at Number 2 here for the second year in a row.
  15. Young House Love - Sherry and John are a young couple from Richmond, Virginia who write this blog as a DIY diary and the provide excellent photographs of their remodeling work around their home.
  16. Pretty Handy Girl - Brittany demonstrates to anyone who still has old ideas about women and power tools not going together that they're simply wrong, and she does a great job of explaining "How to"... do pretty much every DIY home project worth doing.
  17. DIY Diva - Kit describes herself as an experienced DIYer, power tool junkie, and novice farmer. Her blog is all about bridging the gap between woman and powertool wielding badass!
  18. dwell - Their motto is 'At home in the modern world' and they have plenty of home ideas but what I particularly like are their pictorial tours of amazing homes.
  19. Remodelaholic - Justin and Cassity are a couple who say their ideal date is "ripping out a wall!" It's a great blog, but they're taking this way too seriously and I feel they need to step back and smell the coffee, after-all there are more important things in life - like Powertools!
  20. The Ugly Duckling House - Sarah takes you on a humor infused journey as she remodels a house she bought at the end of 2009. It's an entertaining read and I thoroughly recommend you click on over!
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  22. Your Best Digs - These guys do a lot of really good research into all the kinds of products you use around the home - kind of like The Wirecutter.
  23. SuperHouse - This is the blog for a YouTube channel that features a wealth of videos with the focus on home automation.
  24. One Project Closer - to your dream home. Ethan presents some great home projects here with some great project descriptions and 'how to' information.
  25. Building Moxie - a really good source of home improvement and maintenance information. Some of their articles have original videos as well as photographs to help you understand how to do the projects begin discussed.
  26. You Grow Girl - for over 14 years Gayla Trail has been providing some brilliant information on urban gardening in limited spaces - she has updated the design of her blog since I first published this list and her blog posts just keep getting better - she deserved to move up a few places this year.
  27. Dans le Townhouse - a self confessed addict of renovating, decorating, crafting, and thrifting, Tanya is now blogging about all the home improvement and DIY projects she and her husband doing on their new lakefront bungalow they moved into in January 2014 - you can still see all their posts about projects from their old townhouse too.
  28. Home Toys - A very good site for the technically minded who are interested in creating a Smart Home.
  29. The HomeSource - Lots of DIY and renovation ideas, this blog is from Home Advisor which is a company that provides a recommendation service for professionals you can hire for all kinds of repair, restoration and building work.
  30. Apartment Therapy - their motto is "We’re saving the world, one room at a time".
  31. Home Improvement - This is a sub reddit forum with lots of people (well over 350,000 subscribers as I write this) sharing tips, tricks and advice.
  32. Home Automation - This is another really hand sub reddit where you can find heaps of advice on creating a smart home.
  33. The Home Dept Blog - Yes, the same Home Depot that millions go to for their home improvement supplies actually has a pretty good blog.
  34. Vintage Revivals - Mandi writes up each project with a complete tutorial so you can recreate it yourself. I particularly like her "Room Reveals" section where she shows off before and after pics of some of her projects.
  35. Green Living Ideas - director Andrea Devon Bertoli does a fantastic job of writing and sourcing great articles that provide you with actionable ideas to help make your home and lifestyle more sustainable.
  36. Funky Junk Interiors - Donna's blog is a wonderful story of how she started over and furnished her home with nothing - and now she shares her outlandish, unique, ultra affordable creations on her blog.
  37. House & Home - A well known publication with tons of decorating and organizing ideas to use around your home.
  38. GARAGA - A blog by a company that specializes in selling garage doors and equipment - it's a general home improvement blog with an emphasis on garage related matters.
  39. 12VMonster - A blog from a retailer that specializes in 12 to 36V equipment - their blog is a good starting point for anyone interested in living 'off the grid'.
  40. Pro Advice - A blog by Pro Home Improvement where they provide professional advice on a range of home improvement topics.
  41. Builder - Originally targeted at professionals it's also now a really useful resource for the semi-pro and amateur builders as well.
  42. The Art of Doing Stuff - Karen is a serious DIYer who has been featured in Style at Home Magazine and has a range of interesting posts about home improvements & DIY projects.
  43. Fix It Chick - Allison Kohmann presents a wide range of simple and easy techniques for home improvement, DIY projects and design ideas that you can do yourself.
  44. House Tweaking - follow Dana and her family as they renovate a dilapidated 1950’s ranch that they bought and moved into. Dana has a great eye for photography which makes her posts that much more interesting.
  45. Houzz - Definitely at the corporate end of things rather than your typical 'home-grown' blog, but thy really do have everything you need to improve your home from start to finish including over 3 Million photographs to help inspire your next redecorating or remodeling project.
  46. Spaceio - There are many great interior design ideas here along with reviews of designers, architects, and contractors. I particularly like the way they showcase up-and-coming interior designers.
  47. HouseBeautiful - A well known publication with heaps of decorating and DIY ideas.
  48. Brooklyn Limestone - this blog began life as a way for Stefanie to chronicle the process of renovating their 100+ year old limestone home in Brooklyn, NY. It has since grown and now has many posts about DIY projects and renovating.
  49. DIY On The Cheap - frugal decorating ideas, crafts and creative projects for the home. Erin believes that a beautiful home doesn't have to break the bank, and her wonderfully illustrated projects will show you how to do the same.
  50. lifehacker - Tons of great ideas for improving home life and being better organized.
  51. CountryLiving - A long standing publication with tons of ideas, gardening and DIY - Crafts projects with a rural perspective.
  52. Do It Yourself - an amazingly large and useful collection of DIY How Tos.
  53. Red Door Home - no hint of painting it black here, but rather full of creative inspiration for your home. Stacy even has her own Etsy store featuring her own craft work.
  54. DIY Show Off - Roeshel loves to blog about DIY and re-purposing projects with step-by-step photographs to help you understand the process for your own projects.
  55. The Inspired Room - a decor focused blog all about simple and doable ideas for your home without breaking your budget and includes a great series of blog posts about how to decorate.
  56. Bower Power - a lot more than 24 hours worth of great home improvement ideas, Katie does a fantastic job of cataloging all her home improvement and DIY projects.
  57. Build Blog - a lot of great posts and photographs about architecture and design which are worth looking through for both inspiration and learning more about the build process.
  58. Morning Chores - A homesteading blog with lots of advice on begin self-sufficient and gardening.
  59. Centsational Girl - Kate is a bargain hunter, design lover, incurable DIYer who will help you transform drab into fab for less.
  60. AM Colce Vita - Michelle loves to design and decorate - her blog focuses on decor.
  61. Today's Homeowner - Danny Lipford's blog with heaps of good posts as well as content from the TV and Radio shows he presents.
  62. DIY Doctor - A home improvement blog operated by professional contractors in the UK.
  63. Simply The Nest - Alice blogs about life in South Manchester, England, and the process of restoring their semi-detached Victorian villa to its former glory when it was originally built in 1875.
  64. Curbly - a community blog with a lot a great contributions on home improvement ideas and projects with some really good contributors like JoAnn Moser, Matt Allison, and Brittni Mehlhoff.
  65. The Happy Homebodies - Jordan and her husband Scott love their blogging hobby and it really shows through in this wonderful collection of posts about their home projects as well as their DIY tutorials.
  66. DIY Home Staging Tips - all about the things you can to to improve your home in preparation for selling it.
  67. Manhattan Nest - Daniel Kanter is a freelance interior decorator and his skills really show through in his posts about his Brooklyn apparment and the Kinston, NY fixer-upper that Daniel and his fiancé are renovating.
  68. Bless'er House - Lauren has a lot of fun discussing her DIY projects around the home.
  69. At Home In The Future - Eric and Lauren Murrell run this blog about home tech which features reviews of products and gadgets to make home smarter, safer and more efficient.
  70. Retro Renovation - it's all about renovating in 1940's through 1960s styles, or as they prefer to call it, "Mid Century".
  71. Love & Renovations - Amanda and Corey blog about life and the process of turning their 1980's builder-grade home into the house of their dreams.
  72. The D-I-Y Dugout - One thing I like about this site is that they have a lot of curated 'how to' videos from YouTube
  73. Decorology - Ashley is a web derringer by profession who blogs about interior design and decorating by night.
  74. Remodelista - This is probably one of the most famous blogs in Home Improvement - do yourself a favor and visit now.
  75. Dream Book Design - I like pretty much everything they've done (except for featuring a dead cow skin rug in one of their posts).
  76. Digitized House - Covers everything from Smart Home products to architecture and sustainability at home.
  77. House O Matic - As the name implies, this site is all about gadgets and products for home automation.
  78. The Kitchen Designer - Susan Serra is an accomplished kitchen designer who approaches her work with the philosophy that all 5 senses are at work in your kitchen. She blogs about much more than just kitchens, with inspirational design ideas about all areas of the home, and I'm really happy to have discovered this one so I could include it for the first time this year.
  79. Nesting Place - Myquillyn says that her secret to unlocking creativity and hope for your home is "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful".
  80. Hewn and Hammered - these guys have been doing an amazing job since 2004, and as you'd expect by the name, it covers a lot of wood based projects.
  81. Real Simple - This is the Home Improvement section of their website and it contains DIY ideas and articles.
  82. Jetson Green - a great place to learn more about creating sustainable homes.
  83. Home Stories A to Z - Beth aims to create beauty out of chaos, and she does exactly that.
  84. The DIY Dreamer - lots of tutorials, crafts, DIY fun.
  85. Infarrantly Creative - this is the place to go if you are wondering how to turn crutches into a floor lamp or an old television into a console table.
  86. Decor Happy - Vanessa Francis and her ideas and inspirations about living well in your own home. The paper magazine was rated as one of the Top 5 Home Improvement Magazines in June 2018.
  87. Traditional Home - A publication about lifestyle and home improvements from a traditional perspective.
  88. Unclutterer - all about uncluttering your home, and life in general.
  89. Shelterrific - Angela Matusik started her blog dedicated to 'home loving' way back in March 2006 and it's been getting stronger ever since.
  90. Freshome - has been providing inspiration to make your home more beautiful, organized and healthy since 2007.
  91. The House of Smiths - has a lot of handy DIY and craft tutorials.
  92. inhabitat - a great place to keep up to date with innovations in technology that allow for green design in furniture, energy, landscaping, architecture, and much more.
  93. Casa Decrepit - the story of a couple who bought an 1876 built house which they have been restoring. They go into quite a lot of detail including posts about suppliers who don't do what they promised. I say this is required reading for anyone who is planing a restoration project.
  94. Treehugger - what I really like about this is they bring rational thinking to the design and technological side of creating buildings and spaces without losing creative insight.
  95. My Old Country House - some really good practical advice on everything from fixing a hole in a wall to the art of dealing with contractors.
  96. Cottage Magpie - a 1950s ranch with an empty pocketbook and cottage dreams.
  97. Living Vintage - Kim does a wonderful job of writing about the projects her company works on to "save old houses" using reclaimed materials - the blog is also wonderfully illustrated with photographs showing detailed steps of how an old piece of building material becomes a terrific new feature in a home.
  98. Pure Style Home - Lauren Liess shares her thoughts on design, running a design business, clients' projects, how-tos, and the projects she and her family do in their own home.
  99. Simply Sweet Home - Jerri blogs about crafts as well as cooking.
  100. The Stylish Nest - creating home, garden, and life, one DIY adventure at a time..
  101. Marley & Lockyer - a blog from Tasmania (you know - that island down under down under) about styling, gorgeous homes, and the renovation of the author Ness's own 1883 built home.
  102. decor8 - Holly Becker is an award winning and best selling author and journalist, and this is her own blog where she writes about a range of topics including providing some great decor ideas.

It's quite possible that I've missed some excellent blogs, but don't despair - feel free to tell me about any great home improvement blogs you know of via the contact page.


You've done a pretty good job on this list, although I would have placed "DIY Home Improvement Help" much further up the list because they have some very good projects with detailed instructions - it would be in my top 10.

But nevertheless, I think this is one of the best home improvement lists I've seen.

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