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15 Lifehacks To Gain Storage And Sanity In The Home

15 Lifehacks To Gain Storage & Sanity At Home

If you’re living in a tiny flat or have a large family that comes with a lot of clutter, storage is key to keeping your home tidy and your brain relaxed. Try these tips around your home to help you keep your life tidy and your personal space organised!

5 Ideas On How To Renovate Your Old Sofa

Ideas On How To Renovate Your Old Sofa

Your sofa is probably the most important piece of furniture in your living room, which is the heart of your home. Because sofas represent community and comfort in a home, it’s important to keep your sofa in the very best condition, without buying a brand new sofa - which can be extremely expensive. If you have a sofa that could use some updating, then there are a few things to consider before giving it a new lease of life. These tips will help you renovate your old sofa into a work of art.

3-D Printing Can Build A House In A Snap!

3D House Printing

Apparently, we’ve come a long way since prefab housing construction—the answer to lower costs in residential construction.

The University of Southern California has taken it step further by creating a macro printer that can construct an entire house in less than 24 hours.

Real Ceramic Tile Vs Peel-And-Stick Floor Tiles: Which Is Better For Me?

Real Ceramic Tile Vs Peel-And-Stick Floor Tiles

The use of real ceramic tile vs. peel-and –stick floor tile: Which is better for me? This is a question of budget and a homeowner’s willingness to invest in their home. Real ceramic tile requires a mixture placed underneath the tile to hold it to the floor. A good pair of kneepads is necessary to keep the tile pressured. Some tiles need a sizing cut to install; this requires a special tool and takes a great deal of patience. A professional custom homes dealer might prefer to install this brand of tile, in order to get the best look for the home.

Hardwood Floors Refinishing Guide

Hardwood Floors Refinishing Guide

If you're currently considering having hardwood floors installed in your home, most definitely you're being met by many naysayers. "Hardwood floors are too expensive!" Or "Hardwood floors are such a pain in the butt to keep up!"

It's true; refinishing hardwood floors is not a job for everyone. It can be labor intensive and can be unforgiving - small mistakes will show until the next time you sand it all down. However, hiring a professional to come in and do the job can cost almost twice as much as doing the job yourself.

Hanging A New Door And Recycling An Old One

How to Hang a New Door

Changing the doors in your home can really make a great difference to your interior décor – it is a small change but one that will totally transform your home. It may sound like a scary prospect, hanging a new door without professional help, but it is actually a lot easier than it sounds.

Is it Very Easy to Install Wood Flooring Yourself?

Is it Very Easy to Install Wood Flooring Yourself?

Well, there are several ways to answer the question but not an exact one.

The ease or difficulty in installing wood flooring by yourself will be determined first, by your skill level as a DIY-er - accuracy in measurement, precision in laying things out, skills in cutting as well as familiarity with tools. The second and perhaps more important thing is the type of wood flooring to be installed as this will determine the tools needed and the manner of installation itself. Wait, because the list does not end with these two. Other equally important factors to consider is the type of subfloor you have, the area of the room, the features it has - doors, trims that might need to be removed, vents and stairs as well as transition to other flooring materials.

How To Do HVLP Painting At Home

How To Do HVLP Painting At Home

Before you begin a project using HVLP painting, you need to know the steps to follow and any precautions you should take. The process is pretty straightforward but should involve caution anytime you use tools and chemicals.

How To Remove Mould Stains From Wood Floors

How To Remove Mould Stains From Wood Floors

Wooden floors are a beautiful, sophisticated and elegant design idea for any home. Keeping wooden floors clean and in top condition however can seem like a lot of work sometimes especially if your wooden floor has noticeable mould spots and stains within it.

Mould grows when water has been standing on the surface of the wooden floor and the finish has stained, which allows mould to develop. Mould stains are not the end of the world though as they be removed with a bit of elbow grease. Just follow the steps below to get rid of unsightly fungus.

Basic Sheetrock Repair, Tape And Texture Made Easy: 101

Basic Sheetrock Repair, Tape And Texture Made Easy

We really do live our lives in homes that surround us with sheetrock. All walls are covered with it unless it's an older home with a plaster wall treatment. For the most part, if you live in a home in any Western country then you’re surrounded by sheetrock.

Sheetrock is surprisingly vulnerable too. If your roof leaks for instance, it's the sheetrock on the ceiling that will suffer first. It doesn't take much of a leak either to do some pretty serious damage to it. A couple of roughhousing teenagers can also leave you with a sheetrock damage repair job on a bedroom or hallway wall.


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