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5 Space-Saving Furniture Must-Haves for Studios & Small Homes

5 Space-Saving Furniture Must-Haves for Studios & Small Homes

Whether you’re living in a cottage home, guest house, or a studio apartment, you’re probably looking for a way to minimalize your furnishings while still keeping your abode stylish and modern. Convertible or multi-tasking furniture is a must for these kinds of spaces. You’ll want to invest in furniture that either serves multiple purposes or can easily be contracted/expanded.

There are a number of versatile and multi-faceted pieces that are both tasteful and practical. So, before you try to cram a sectional into your 200 square foot living room, consider the following space-saving pieces.

Can Remodeling Harm Your Relationship?

Can Remodeling Harm Your Relationship?

I'm republishing this report on a survey conducted by Houzz which said that 12% of couples consider separation or divorce when remodeling their home. Although the survey was conducted a few years ago, remodeling is still as stressful today as it was back then.

The 12% figure seemed a little high to me, so I reached out to their press department and asked if they could tell me how the survey was conducted, and Allison Brady kindly responded,

The Technology Behind Smart Homes

Smart Home Basics Explained

Homes in which the electronic, heating, lighting and all other devices can be taken control of using a PC or a smartphone are known as smart homes. With the immense advancement in technology and a tremendous boost in use of the internet at a global level, the tactful blend of both has resulted in a rise of people with smart home technology. Having control of the residence at your fingertips can have a big impact. Apart from being able to take control of appliances and devices in a better way, enhanced safety, accessibility, energy conservation, and cost effectiveness are some perks that smart home owners enjoy.

Squeaky Clean: 3 DIY Cleansing Solutions for your Home

DIY Cleaning Solutions

Every one of us knows the importance of having a clean place to live in. For those of us who want everything to be squeaky clean, every small smidge of grime on that table isn’t going to cut it. Imagine having visitors over for a good ol’ conversation. You’re in the midst of talking and all of a sudden your visitor tells you of a “spot you missed.” Isn’t that frustrating?

Out of frustration, you use an industrial-grade cleaning solution and apply it vigorously apply it on the table surface. You think you’ve done a great job only to find out that you added more to the spot. Now you have a spot that’s got a lot of discoloration instead. Again, isn’t that frustrating?

Detailed Guide to The Different Types of Speakers for Home Use

Detailed Guide To Home Speakers

Time to purchase new home speakers? There are, in fact, more than 500 manufacturers of speakers of all shapes and sizes.

This article is intended to provide assistance to those who want to gain information about the feasible options before a selection of a specific make or model is made. Simply put it intends to inform the reader of the various types of speakers available in the market. It is not intended to guide those who want professional equipment that exceeds the expectations of the average home speaker user.

DIY Hyundai Getz Key Fob Battery Replacement

Hyundai Getz Key

An Australian friend found his Hyundai Getz key stopped working even though the light flickered on when the button was pushed. After looking around the web and not finding any instructions on what to do, he figured it out himself and sent me some pictures and instructions detailing how he overcame the problem so it might help others.

The Best Home Improvement Magazines

The Best Home Improvement Magazines

Here's my set of Home Improvement Magazine recommendations for 2018. Unlike my previous recommendations, this list isn't based on sales figures, instead the selection was based on the analysis of the reviews and comments by over 5,900 readers of the print versions of these publications.

Is it Better to Buy a New Home or Renovate Your Old One?

Renovate or Buy New?

The choice between renovating your current home and buying your dream home is a careful balancing act.

On the one hand, you have to have the capital available to allow you to move, and there has to be the right home available. In this sense, you’re relying largely on the housing market. On the other hand, if you have the money to move, you then have to ask yourself if it would be better spent renovating the place you already call home.

The Best Portable Folding Poker Table Tops

The Best Portable Folding Poker Table Tops

As I write this, WSOP 2018 is in full swing, so I thought this would be a good time to update my recommendations on folding poker table tops for home games.

These new recommendations aren't based simply on my personal opinion, instead they're based on analysis of more than 1,300 opinions from people who have bought or used them - you can read more about that in the Methodology section at the end of this guide.

101 of the Best Home Improvement Blogs

101 of the Best Home Improvement Blogs

Here is my presentation of 101 of the best Home Improvement Sites & DIY Blogs updated for 2018.

I first published this list in 2013, and a lot has changed during that time. Unfortunately a few of my favorite blogs are no longer being updated, but on the bright side there are a few good ones that have captured my attention since then and are now included below.

This year I've placed more emphasis in the top part of the list on those websites and blogs that have really good guides and advice on actually making and building things for your home, and there are a few more Smart Home sites as well.


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