Your Opportunity to be on a UK Home TV Show

The House That £100k Built: Tricks of the Trade

I received an email from Josi Allan at Remarkable Television who is working on a new TV show for BBC Two which is called "The House That £100k Built: Tricks of the Trade" - it's a spin-off from their popular show "The House That £100k Built".

If you live in the UK and are currently doing a self build, renovation or home improvement, then here's your opportunity to be part of the new show.

On this new series they will have scope for larger projects such as extensions all the way down to new bathroom, living rooms or room layouts. Their aim is to be cost effective but design conscious at the same time.

The minimum requirements for applicants is that you have a home and a plan to upgrade on a shoe-string budget.

If your application is successful you'll be working with architecture and design expert Kieran Long, and also architect Piers Taylor, who are exploring new low-cost ways to create incredible homes.

This sounds like it would be a lot of fun to take part in, and if you're lucky enough to be selected you would essentially have your small budget boosted by the free input from Kieran and Piers.

To send in your application to be part of the show, send a brief outline of your project along with your name and contact number to:



The House that £100K Built: Tricks of the Trade
Remarkable Television
Endemol UK
The Shepherds Building
Charecroft Way
W14 0EE

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