Top Tips for a More Spacious Home

Top Tips for a More Spacious Home

Colouring the Canvas

Let’s start with a blank canvas. The first thing to consider with space is what you are going to see most of — the walls, ceilings and floors. It is advisable to keep these as ordered and uncluttered as possible with minimalistic decoration (however, there is an exception, which we will come to later). Too many photos, colourful rugs, accessories and whatever else creates a cluttered and congested feel.

What you will be left with are bright open spaces, ready for you to inject with your personality and character. Now, it’s important to consider the colour of these walls. Colour is vital in creating the impression of space. Dark colours add to a claustrophobic feel, while light and airy colours, such as grey, white and pastels are freeing and uplifting. Keeping rooms the same colour allows the walls and ceilings to blend together seamlessly and erases visual boundaries, creating an expansive illusion that makes the room look both wider and higher than it is. Using too many contrasting colours will result in the eyes tripping over sudden changes, making you more aware of edges and to later). Too many photos, colourful rugs, accessories and whatever else creates a cluttered and congested feel.

In terms of the kitchen and bathroom, tiling offers a range of tricks. Patterns and designs can be used very effectively to make a room feel larger. Vertical lines draw the eyes upwards, creating an elongating effect, and elaborately designed and shaped tiles make the brain work to distract from the actual size of the room.

More Spacious Home: Colouring the Canva

Lighting, Mirrors and Science

As with dark colours, darkness, in general, is ineffective at creating expansive spaces. It’s a cliche, but light really does conquer dark. Dark and dimly lit corners are, of course, going to feel less open and free, so mastering lighting — both natural and electric — is crucial for creating space in every room of the house. Natural light has several benefits, including making a room feel larger, healthier and more positive. If you’ve got the sun shining through the window or a view of life going on outdoors, you’ll feel less entrapped, regardless of the size of your room. Take advantage of windows by removing obstacles and letting natural light flood the room. Blinds are effective at blocking out light when needed, but they can also be closed up neatly when you want to use a window to its full potential.

For those times when natural light isn’t there to help you out, you need sufficient electric lighting and to effectively use mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Illuminate dark spaces with lamps and counter or shelf lighting, but remember that you want light that is powerful and not blinding. Mirrors can be used to bounce light into any nooks and crannies that are out of reach of natural or electric lighting. They are superb at creating the illusion of more space and, like a window, give the perception of there being something other than a solid wall.

More Spacious Home: Lighting, Mirrors and Science

Entryway Essentials: Doors, Closets and Cabinets

On the topic of reflective surfaces, your next step is to customise doors and portals of the house. Closets and cabinets are usually the most prominent features of a room and it’s important to make sure these aren’t too protrusive. Glass-fronted doors allow you to see within and acknowledge the extra space, which has the effect of making the walls appear much further away. Like a mirror, they also bounce light around the room. Make sure that whatever is within is organised, however, as an untidy cabinet could have the opposite effect and make it appear that you have less space.

Another option is to remove doors altogether. Open shelving literally does create more room — just make sure your belonging are stored tidily — and makes items easier to access. Removing doors between rooms might seem like more of a drastic measure, but if a door isn’t actually being used to provide privacy, block out noise or prevent warmth from escaping, losing the door and fashioning an open passage will create more space.

More Spacious Home: Entryway Essentials: Doors, Closets and Cabinets

Space-Saving Gadgets and Gizmos

We live in a world where most of us carry around computers in our pockets and we can experience virtual reality on tiny headsets. Make the most of this generation’s ingenuity and invest in some space-saving accessories. You’d be surprised at the extent of what’s out there. Appliance garages, carousel units and pull-out bins can be fitted in a kitchen effortlessly and not only do they keep everything perfectly accessible, but they can also be stored away when they’re not needed. They also make sure that every space within the room is being used to its full potential. More on saving space in the kitchen can be found in our recent article on making a kitchen appear bigger.

Bedrooms, on the other hand, can be customised with furniture of all kinds, from floating corner shelves and under-bed storage boxes on wheels, to pull-out rails and shoe racks — for inspiration, look at some bespoke bedroom furniture designs. Whatever you choose, make sure your storage spaces are making the most of every square inch of space.

More Spacious Home: Space-Saving Gadgets and Gizmos

Efficient Exterior

Many envisage the home as everything that is within the walls of your property, so you may be wondering why we are talking about your house’s exterior. In truth, those external areas are still part of your home and equally deserve some attention. Entering and leaving your home can be stressful when you haven't properly considered your external space. Front gardens are becoming less and less popular — they’re high-maintenance and encroach on houses that have a bigger need for parking spaces.

Greenery and natural touches in and around the house are wonderful and provide an attractive contrast to minimalist walls. Plants are also proven to decrease stress and instil a sense of calm — and you might as well take advantage of all that additional natural light you’re allowing into your home. This frees up the front of your home for effortless parking and convenient entry. A new driveway massively increases property space and value, and removes the faff of trying to find a place to park — especially if you live on a busy public road. If these benefits weren’t enough, it’ll also make the front of your house look cleaner, more organised and spacious — perfectly setting the scene for your now more spacious interior.

More Spacious Home: Efficient Exterior

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