Dig Safely With The Help Of A Metal Detector

using a metal detector

No matter what your home improvement project, if you’ve got to dig up the ground to get it done, you’ll need to know what’s underneath the ground before you start digging.  In situations like these, metal detectors can come in very handy! Here to tell us more about how metal detectors can be used to help homeowners dig up their property safely is Daniel Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com.

Discover what lies below

Always contact your utility company before starting any underground excavation. A variety of digging hazards around your property are metal or are encased in metal. As a result, metal detectors can be an ideal tool to use in order to survey what lies underground to enable you to dig safely and avoid disrupting services to your home, your neighbor’s, or worse, hurting yourself or someone else.

An example of one of the things you’re likely to find in your yard that metal detectors can help you avoid digging up and/or damaging during a dig is metal piping. A variety of types of metal pipes might be found around the outside of a home. You wouldn’t want to dig up these pipes by mistake; a variety of unwanted consequences could result. On the other hand a quick sweep around the area you’re digging in with a metal detector (they even make one specific to pipes, called a pipe detector!) will help you avoid the nasty consequences of, say, mistakenly digging up your septic pipe.

Using industrial metal detectors

Having a metal detector around will also allow you to find other types of metal objects that could prevent a safe dig including sprinkler systems, septic tank clean outs, old well covers, and metal property marker stakes.  In addition, you’ll find using a metal detector to search your yard before digging for your home improvement project will help you prepare for any unexpected finds that could cause issues as well, like an old oil tank for example, or the old family junk pile from the former property owners.

How to identify the type of metal?

The best metal detectors to use for this type of application are industrial metal detectors; and Fisher makes some of the best industrial metal detectors around - click for more inforamation on amazon. These machines will find targets made of any type of metal and can search deeply.  So no matter what’s buried down there or how deep it’s buried you’ll find it with your metal detector first before digging it up accidentally. If funds allow, many models come with audio and visual target identification which can be a very helpful feature set for many in situations like these too.

There can be severe consequences when you aren’t ready for any and everything before digging up your yard. But, there’s no reason to dig while unprepared.  Instead, take advantage of the technology available today and use a metal detector to look beneath your yard before digging.  You, and possibly your neighbors, the public works employees, and many others will be very glad you took the time to search your yard with a metal detector in order to be as informed as possible about what’s underground and help you dig safely.

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