The Versatility of Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

The Versatility of Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

I recently wrote a piece about fixing glass sliding doors, and while I was surfing the web looking for pictures I came across some wonderful photographs of the Frameless variety - I bookmarked some of the ones that impressed me so I could share them with you now.

I've never lived in a home which has had them, but after looking at some of these pictures I really grew to like them - I think I'm developing 'frameless' envy :)

As you might expect, they do cost a little more than your standard variety, but as you'll see below there are homeowners with all kinds of budgets installing them all around the world.

Sliding Glass Taking Full Advantage of Amazing Views

If you can afford an apartment with views like this, you'd be crazy not to go with frameless glass sliding doors. Another benefit of choosing this option is that you can completely close and seal the balcony to protect outdoor furniture when needed (from rain to sun damage as glass filters out much of the harmful UV light) - this allows you to have the kind of furniture on the balcony that is of a standard in keeping with the rest of the home.

This project was done down under by the Australian company Hanlon Windows
Making the most of amazing views with frameless glass sliding doors

Frameless Sliding Glass Used to Bring the Garden Inside

This next one is from a more modest dwelling in England. You get a wonderful sense of how the thick glass sliding doors will keep the cold out during the winter months, while providing the option to open up and almost bring the garden right inside during summer.

The other thing I really like about what the project managers, Frameless Glass Curtains, achieved with this installation is that you can see how much brighter this home would feel than it would have been with standard sliding doors:
Frameless glass sliding doors bringing the garden inside

A Transparent Bathroom

Probably not the kind of thing you'd want to do with the main bathroom if you have a large family and frequent guests, but this 'transparent bathroom' is a fantastic idea as an ensuite to the master bedroom in my opinion.

This New York project comes from Klein USA and I really like the way the frameless sliding glass doors not only brighten up the bathroom, but also makes brilliant use of the limited space that is common in New York apartments:

Glass Taking the Indoor Pool Outside

This one is quite amazing - it's an indoor swimming pool which actually looks like it's outside. You need to look very closely before you'll notice that the whole pool area is actually surrounded by glass - Ok I cheated a little with this one, the doors work on standard hinges rather than sliding, but it was too good of an effect to leave out.

This indoor/outdoor swiming pool is by Cover Frameless Glass in South Africa:
Indoor swimming pool surrounded by frameless glass

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