Real Ceramic Tile Vs Peel-And-Stick Floor Tiles: Which Is Better For Me?

Real Ceramic Tile Vs Peel-And-Stick Floor Tiles

The use of real ceramic tile vs. peel-and –stick floor tile: Which is better for me? This is a question of budget and a homeowner’s willingness to invest in their home. Real ceramic tile requires a mixture placed underneath the tile to hold it to the floor. A good pair of kneepads is necessary to keep the tile pressured. Some tiles need a sizing cut to install; this requires a special tool and takes a great deal of patience. A professional custom homes dealer might prefer to install this brand of tile, in order to get the best look for the home.

Peel and Stick Tiles

Peel and stick on the other had is easy to install but will buckle and look a bit shabby after a while, nevertheless, it is an easy installment. When you need to cut it during installation this can happen with a sharp razor blade or a box cutter. Simply peel and stick. Peel and stick tile is a DIY remedy but if you prefer professional installation, this is fine. Some people prefer to have a pro install flooring, avoiding the trouble and any mess. If you want to cover the floor without spending, a lot of money the peel and stick will work fine and it is less bother.

Ceramic Tiles

Admittedly, real tile is very attractive and it adds value to a property. If installed properly, it is strong and it last for ages. For a custom home ceramic tile is the best product. The colors are vibrant and the material is a lovely natural source that looks nice with fine woods. These floors can be slippery depending upon the texture you choose. When using ceramic tile select carefully. Some of it should be kept away from wet spaces. Again, it can truly get slippery.

Vinyl is a quick fix for people changing a look but do not plan to live at a property very long. This works in older homes if the floors are unbalanced. Peel and stick tile goes on without the material it takes to stick real ceramic tiles. Although, the sticky part of peel and stick is not sticky enough and using added glue is probably a good idea. Adhesives are sold at building supply store to add to this easy to put down floor. Adding glue to tiles placed in high traffic areas is a very good idea. This eliminates the tripping factor if the glue does not hold.

Both of these materials are eco-friendly and both clean up a property. They are efficient and aid in making your home more energy efficient. They are easy to clean, but one adds more value. On one hand why struggle with real ceramic tile when you can use peel and stick? The essence, which is better suited for your home, both look nice although, nothing ever shines above the real thing and cost ranks as a factor. The higher value is of course, ceramic tile. Most investors would likely vote for ceramic tile and others avoiding any aggravation will opt for the peel and stick.

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