Can You Have Too Much Oak?

Can You Have Too Much Oak?

I am in the middle of a highly disruptive but nonetheless therapeutic remodeling of my house.

I say therapeutic because I am taking the long overdue opportunity of banishing all the elements of my home that I dislike from my life forever! Apart from the removing of unsightly fitted wardrobes and the demolition of an ugly fireplace the project has involved the pleasant task of selecting new flooring and furnishings for almost every room. As I stood back recently to admire my purchases (but not the hole in the bedroom wall) I realised that much of what I had chosen was oak and I wondered if I had over done it and should have gone for more variety?


I chose engineered oak flooring for the entire house. Oak seemed the obvious choice as I was looking for a durable, but attractive flooring that would unify the house and also something which could stand up to the enormous rigours of my three cats. This flooring has a warm and natural feel and seems to compliment almost any decorative scheme which is just as well as there is little unity in the choices I have made for the individual rooms!

The Master Bedroom

Kylie Minogue caramel sequined bed linen

My bedroom simply has to be a haven of peace and tranquillity. I wanted warm, cosy colours and a relaxed feel and so opted for rustic oak furniture and autumn shades. Some rather swanky Kylie Minogue caramel sequined bed linen (yes I did say Kylie Minogue) looks sumptuous teamed with gold and red Indian influenced drapes and wall hangings and I have created a feature wall in metallic gold paint. Somehow the mellow oak combines with the sassy soft furnishings to create a relaxing and inviting room of surprising simplicity. (Click photo to the right for a close-up view)

The Guest Room

I am treating my guests (if anyone actually wants to come) to a taste of New England. The second bedroom features white painted solid oak furniture, limed oak floors and nautical themed accessories including a porthole lantern and a splendid model lighthouse. Crips white bed linen and one wall papered with blue and white stripes complete the look and I love it! You may question the lighthouse but trust me it really works!

The Spare Room

I am pleased to announce that my smallest bedroom which has long masqueraded as a dumping ground is now a walk in wardrobe (hence the hole in the bedroom wall). Since my first trip to America I have lusted after a giant closet and now I have a gorgeous one complete with oak shelving and oak chests for storage. The walls are the same colour as the master bedroom (without the metallic gold) and so the transition between the rooms really works.


Both the living room and the dining room are furnished with reclaimed oak for a slightly rustic feel. I like the idea of reclaimed materials as I hate waste and treasure the environment. The soft furnishings and walls are a treat in warm autumn colours and the hideous 1980’s fireplace has been replaced by a much simpler and elegant construction of rustic oak. Leather sofas complete the natural feel of the space.


Each room in the house (apart from the bathrooms and kitchen) features oak furniture and oak flooring. The rooms work well together and yet are all very different and have their own character. As it turns out you cannot have too much oak as there are so many different styles and colours that you can use this wondrous natural material almost everywhere and never tire of it. I wondered if my house might end up looking too boring but he result is quite the opposite! I wonder what I should do with the kitchen?

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