Articles about things you can do around the outside of your home from exterior repairs, improvements, painting, to outdoor improvements such as landscaping and gardens.

Building a Small Organic Farm in Australia

Organic farm in Australia
If you're a dedicated follower of this blog, thank you, and you'll also be aware that I visited my brother Daniel's property inland from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia last Christmas and I brought back photographs of his outdoor bathroom in the bush.

Let's Take a Look at Eco Roofs for Homes

Mowing an Eco Roof

Eco roofs, or turf or green roofs as they're sometimes called, are ones which have plants growing on them - usually grasses and/or flowers for residential roofs but they can extend to having shrubs and trees on large commercial buildings.

There are many benefits to having a living roof, they're largely self-maintaining and can last twice as long as regular roofs as well as providing a great deal of heat and sound insulation, as well as other environmental benefits which I'll go into more detail below.

How Wood Rots and How to Prevent It

Protecting your wood

Finally your new porch is done. Your hard work is about to pay off both aesthetically and financially as home improvements add to your home’s value. You’re proud of your work. Are you taking steps to protect it? No?! You really should. While it’s true that home improvements will add to a home’s financial value, damages to any part of your property will highly downgrade its value. Unprotected fences, posts, or beams will start to rot and bleed out money. What exactly happens when wood starts to rot? How can projects and money be protected? Let’s find out!

A Fish Pond Could be a Relaxing Addition to Your Yard

fish pond

My mother used to have an amazing fish pond at her previous house which had a waterfall at one end, then a 20 foot stream into a small pond at the other end. It was extremely relaxing to sit outside by it while reading a book - the sound of the waterfall and stream were more calming than I can put into words.

I will soon be going to my brother's country property in Queensland, Australia to spend some time there over Christmas. He's thinking about adding a fish pond to his small organic farm and he sent me some videos to look at.

DIY Polytunnel - A Greenhouse Alternative

DIY Polytunnel Greenhouse

A reader sent me an email about a video called "How To Build A Polytunnel" (featured below) and suggested it might be worth mentioning - and I agree.

A Polytunnel Greenhouse is a much more affordable alternative to a traditional greenhouse and they can last 4 years or longer before the plastic needs replacing.

Gardening in Winter - A Few Tips for Small Scale Home Growers

Small scale gardening in Winter

I grow a few vegetables and herbs just for my own consumption, unlike my brother who's doing it on a larger scale, but I've learned quite a bit from him - not just the basics of how to do it, but also just how much better fresh food tastes when it's home-grown. And unlike his organic farm down under which is now coming into the summer season, where most of my readers live in North America and the U.K. it's starting to get quite cold out in the garden.

Fixing Sliding Doors: What to do When Doors Don't Slide Smoothly

sliding glass doors

My brother and his family have a wonderful house with huge sliding glass doors leading from both the living room and the dining room out onto a large patio where we regularly have family get togethers.

The problem was that over the last few months one of the sliding doors has been getting harder and harder to both open and close - there was so much friction that my 5 year old nephew wasn't strong enough to close the door behind him.

This article shows you step-by-step how we fixed the problem.

Building A Brick Path The DIY Way

Building A Brick Path The DIY Way

When it comes to masonry materials, brick is perhaps the most popular among the lot. Its appeal lies in its charming aesthetic, durability and sustainability. It is also energy efficient and virtually maintenance free.

For the home, there are a number of improvement projects wherein brick makes for a suitable material of choice, including walls, exterior siding, fireplace surround and chimney. However, it has always been best known as the material for building paths or walkways. And a brick path is one project that is well within your ability.

Extremely Cool Things To Get For Your Garden

Extremely Cool Things To Get For Your Garden

The garden is a very useful wide open space that you can use in a large variety of ways. Unlike the rooms in your house, your garden doesn't have any colour scheme for things to clash with, and it doesn't have any delicate carpets or wallpaper that you have to be careful not to scratch.

This means that you can do things in a garden that you simply can't in your home, so why not let your imagination run wild? Rather than just going with the usual 'flowers area' and a swing bench, why not break outside the mould and have some awesome things you'll get some excitement and fun from?

The Great Debate - Deck Versus Patio

Deck vs Patio

Landscaping can be a great investment for increasing home value as well as aesthetics. Adding an outdoor living area, such as a deck or a patio can create a new atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy good weather outside of your home. Depending on the budget and desired function of your outdoor living space, there are several options when considering this type of home addition project.


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