Articles about things you can do around the outside of your home from exterior repairs, improvements, painting, to outdoor improvements such as landscaping and gardens.

Why Should Your Home's Windows Be Tinted?

Why Should Your Windows Be Tinted?

Owning a home is expensive enough as it is; upkeep can be difficult and people's priorities can feel scrambled when they are faced with several necessary improvements or upgrades that cost tons of hard-earned money. Even beautiful, new homes could always benefit from certain improvements. Commercials, magazines, and the amazing house down the block constantly push people to improve their homes with similar dedication to optimistic self-improvement. New paint jobs, new furniture, better shrubbery, crown molding, de-rusting fixtures, upgrading lighting--the list of home improvements never ends.

Solar Attic Fans Versus Electrical Attic Fans

Solar Attic Fans Versus Electrical Attic Fans

Now that summer is here, have you visited your attic lately?

What? You say it’s too hot up there?

Excess heat in your attic is actually an excellent reason to venture up the attic steps. That is, in order to install an attic fan, or Power Attic Ventilator (PAV).

Glow in the Dark Paving

Glow in the Dark Paving

I was recently sent an email about Bonita Stone so I took a look at their website and I was immediately captivated by their Glowpave pavers.

As you can see from the picture on the left and in more detail below, these pavers glow in the dark like something out of the movie Avatar.

I wanted to know more about Glowpave, so I sent them some questions and company Director Scott Petricevich was kind enough to send back the answers below.

Outdoor Radiant Heaters

Outdoor Radiant Heater

Last month I wrote a piece called Outdoor Entertaining During Winter in which I mentioned outdoor radiant heaters as being a good option for keeping your guests warm. The article featured a picture of Heatstrip heaters on the patio ceiling, so I thought I'd go into a little more detail to explain what these types of heaters are.

Outdoor Entertaining During Winter

Radiant heater for the patio

So you might be wondering why I'm writing about outdoor entertaining in winter when it's nearly May. It's because I'm currently on the Sunshine Coast in Australia where it's just over 5 weeks away from the beginning of Winter.

This is a sub-tropical region so although it does get a little cooler here the temperature on the coast never drops below freezing even on the coldest days and evenings. In fact I like the climate so much that I'm currently looking to find a new place to live here.

I have a lot of family in this part of the world, so I expect I'll be doing quite a bit of entertaining, and due to the local customs a lot of that will be done outside.

Building a Small Organic Farm in Australia

Building a Small Organic Farm in Australia

If you're a dedicated follower of this blog, thank you, and you'll also be aware that I visited my brother Daniel's property inland from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia last Christmas and I brought back photographs of his outdoor bathroom in the bush.

The original plan was that while I was there I was going to help him build a fish pond on the top terrace of his farming area. By the time I got there Daniel had changed his mind and decided to leave the "Turkey Nest" on the top terrace as a simple clay bottomed water reservoir without added fish.

Let's Take a Look at Eco Roofs for Homes

Let's Take a Look at Eco Roofs for Homes

Eco roofs, or turf or green roofs as they're sometimes called, are ones which have plants growing on them - usually grasses and/or flowers for residential roofs but they can extend to having shrubs and trees on large commercial buildings.

There are many benefits to having a living roof, they're largely self-maintaining and can last twice as long as regular roofs as well as providing a great deal of heat and sound insulation, as well as other environmental benefits which I'll go into more detail below.

The idea of living roofs isn't new, the history of sod roofs dates back to the middle ages particularly in Scandinavia where traditional Viking houses used them.

How Wood Rots and How to Prevent It

How Wood Rots and How to Prevent It

Finally your new porch is done. Your hard work is about to pay off both aesthetically and financially as home improvements add to your home’s value. You’re proud of your work. Are you taking steps to protect it? No?! You really should. While it’s true that home improvements will add to a home’s financial value, damages to any part of your property will highly downgrade its value. Unprotected fences, posts, or beams will start to rot and bleed out money. What exactly happens when wood starts to rot? How can projects and money be protected? Let’s find out!

A Fish Pond Could be a Relaxing Addition to Your Yard

Backyard Fish Pond

My mother used to have an amazing fish pond at her previous house which had a waterfall at one end, then a 20 foot stream into a small pond at the other end. It was extremely relaxing to sit outside by it while reading a book - the sound of the waterfall and stream were more calming than I can put into words.

I will soon be going to my brother's country property in Queensland, Australia to spend some time there over Christmas. He's thinking about adding a fish pond to his small organic farm and he sent me some videos to look at.

DIY Polytunnel - A Greenhouse Alternative

DIY Polytunnel - A Greenhouse Alternative

A reader sent me an email about a video called "How To Build A Polytunnel" (featured below) and suggested it might be worth mentioning - and I agree.

A Polytunnel Greenhouse is a much more affordable alternative to a traditional greenhouse and they can last 4 years or longer before the plastic needs replacing.


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