5 Wooden Front Door Designs for Your Home

Wooden Front Door Design Ideas for Your Home

A front door is your home’s first impression on the world. As such, it should be chosen and designed with great care and consideration. Your front door should complement your home’s overall design and appearance, yet still stand out for maximal curb appeal.

Wood is the top front door material of choice, due to its stability and durability. Wooden front doors require little maintenance, are easy to install, and can last for decades. However, they can also become a bit standard and overused. If you’re seeking a wooden front door that is both aesthetically pleasing and one-of-a-kind, there are a number of designs you might want to explore.

#1. Knotty Alder

A personal favorite, the beauty of these doors is their rustic and distressed appearance. Somehow, these doors look both elegant and woodsy at the same time. These round-top doors best compliment a stone exterior, and are stunningly paired with all-around sidelights/transoms.

Although not equipped with a traditional peephole, these doors have a speakeasy-style cutout with an iron grate overlaid for speaking to your visitors/guests. They can also be accessorized with a heavy-duty, antique door knocker for a truly lavish appearance.

Knotty Alder Front Door

#2. Modern Contemporary

Rather than featuring traditional scrollwork and intricate carvings like many of the standard wooden doors do, these are accented by geometric shapes and linear designs. They can either be all-wood or all-glass if you’re seeking some added natural light.

This front door design goes best on a modern home, and is beautifully complemented by a hanging outdoor pendant light or an industrial millennium lighting fixture. With the right surroundings, this kind of door will give your entryway an avant-garde touch.

Modern Contemporary Front Door

#3. French Doors

The classic double French doors are an option that can’t go wrong. They go well with all kinds of exteriors and homes, and look beautiful in any finish (whether it be cherry, oak, or mahogany). Their versatility makes them a favorite, and with the right hardware (such as brass door handles), it can truly stand out.

The one concern many have about a French entry doors is the level of privacy they provide. For this reason, there are various different kinds of door glass that are recommended for these kinds of front doors. These include:

  • Rain: Streaked glass that has the appearance of heavy rainfall against the window.
  • Stained: Colored glass featuring a certain design/image. It can often be customized to show any scene of your choice.
  • Flemish: Mirrors the appearance of hand-blown glass, distorting the view with a bubbly appearance.
  • Baroque: An artsy type of beveled glass that features a design of swirls and spirals.
  • Frosted: This glass has a matte feel and makes it nearly impossible to see through, while still not hindering the influx of natural light.
  • Stippolyte: This glass has a grainy finish that gives off the appearance of static.
  • Digital: A pixelated-looking door glass that is ingrained with a multitude of small square and rectangular shapes.
  • Reed: A semi-transparent glass that is outlined with vertical and horizontal reeds, giving it a quilt-like appearance.

French Doors

#4. Carved Door

An ornate, hand-carved wooden entry door speaks volumes about your family’s values and tastes. These kinds of doors are gorgeous and unique – no two the same. You can often order a personalized carved door, featuring any scene you want.

A popular choice among many homeowners is a hand-carved door featuring a nature scene. This is especially eye-catching on a cottage-style home, due to the quaintness and coziness of this style. Carved doors are usually made of Honduran or African mahogany, both of which are known for their softness, easy workability, sturdiness, and ability to hold the detail well).

These doors should be well-maintained, and regularly polished so as to maintain their sheen and the prominence of their design.

Carved Front Door

#5. The Red Door

Every suburban neighborhood had it. We all remember it. Riding our bikes by the beautiful big blue home with the red door, perhaps a porch swing outside. It seemed sophisticated yet old-fashioned. The beauty of the red door is that it matches almost any exterior paint color, and always makes a lasting impression on your guests.

In early America, a red door signified to horse and buggy travelers that they were welcome. In other words, red doors just mean all-around good vibes.

Top off a red doorway with some brass or gold-colored accents (i.e. a doorknob and mail slot) to evoke warmth and charm from passersby of all kinds.

Red Front Door

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