Why Should Your Home's Windows Be Tinted?

Why Should Your Windows Be Tinted?

Owning a home is expensive enough as it is; upkeep can be difficult and people's priorities can feel scrambled when they are faced with several necessary improvements or upgrades that cost tons of hard-earned money. Even beautiful, new homes could always benefit from certain improvements. Commercials, magazines, and the amazing house down the block constantly push people to improve their homes with similar dedication to optimistic self-improvement. New paint jobs, new furniture, better shrubbery, crown molding, de-rusting fixtures, upgrading lighting--the list of home improvements never ends.

So why tint windows, then? What makes this upgrade to a home important? Why should it take priority over other home improvement needs? Most homeowners cannot simply flick their wrists and, within a single month, improve just about every aspect of a home at once.

However, a single upgrade can in fact improve multiple aspects of a home at once. These are 5 ways that tinting, above any other home improvement project, causes a cascade of important and beautiful effects on a home.

1. Tinting Protects Inhabitants

Part of the UV rays that make extended exposure to direct sunlight highly carcinogenic also enter through windows. Ordinary window glass does filter out the most harmful part of the light spectrum, but some of it still gets through. . Tinted windows, however, protect the inhabitants from accelerated aging, dry skin, vision damage, and other health hazards associated with UV ray exposure. Nothing is better than a home that is safe to live in.

2. Tinting Protects Belongings

Furniture, art, rugs, and other belongings also appreciate being tinted from harmful UV rays. Sunlight damages more than skin, after all. Fabric, leather, canvases, wood, and many other materials that are common inside of homes experience sun damage. Tinting has a way of safeguarding all of the belongings, flooring materials, and other expensive items that homeowners consider purchasing for home improvement purposes.

3. Tinting Protects Belongings from Theft

Speaking of keeping things safe, the sun is not the only culprit behind home damage. Theft affects hundreds of American homes every single day. Tinted windows keep the greedy eyes of burglars from seeing what is behind the glass. When they are unaware of what sits inside of a room or an entire home, they are less likely to break in. For all they know, a home with tinted windows could have only a single television and no stereo equipment inside. Burglars would prefer to make a break-in when they know what goods are on the other side of a window. Tinting helps to keep all of a homeowner's possessions safe.

4. Tinting Protects Paint Jobs

One of the most inexpensive but significant improvements to a home besides tinting windows is painting the walls. This visible change adds character to rooms. What it also adds, though, is yet another light-sensitive material to every room of a house. Paint can bleach, fade, chip, and even change color when exposed to direct sunlight. It is clear that UV rays can be harmful to just about everything. They are like floods that many people do not bother keeping out, unless they wise up and invest in tinting their windows.

5. Tinting Saves Money

Home improvement takes a little creativity, a hint of dedication, and a dash of excitement. It also takes money. In fact, there is practically nothing homeowners could do to improve their property without having money to spend, besides rearranging furniture for better feng shui. Whereas most homeowners make important omissions from their budgets in order to afford home improvement projects, many people do not consider lowering the monthly costs associated with home ownership in the first place, namely electricity bills. Tinted windows keep hot sunlight out while still letting bright, filtered light in, improving the energy efficiency of homes and lowering utility costs. With monthly savings on bills that can be astronomically high, there is more money to set aside for occasional home improvements down the road.

It’s clear that homeowners can see numerous instant improvements when they tint their windows as well as the safety and savings that allow for future upgrades. Best of all, just about all of these improvements that come from home window tinting also apply to cars and businesses.

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