Backyard Landscaping: How to Seamlessly Incorporate a Hot Tub

Backyard Landscaping: How to Seamlessly Incorporate a Hot Tub

Your home should be the one place that lets you relax, and escape from the busy reality of life. When you’ve had a difficult week at work, you can go into your backyard, breathe and forget all about it. An oasis, a retreat, a way to escape without having to travel anywhere; while this may sound too good to be true, with the right features and landscaping, your backyard can be transformed into one of your favorite places to enjoy spending time.

Installing a hot tub is one of the first choices many people make when transforming their outdoor living space and landscaping. Initially, you might think that soaking in a hot tub and having your friends and family over is just too good an idea to pass up. However, once you’ve decided to add a hot tub to your landscape design, you might start worrying about how it will look, where to put it, and which company should do the work. You might wonder if, in fact, you’re actually choosing between a relaxing spa or a gorgeous backyard.

You want both a spa, and a beautiful backyard, and you need a solution that will meet your goals. The good news is that it is absolutely possible, it just takes a bit of planning and a few factors that you should be aware of. Keep reading to find out what you need to know to get the best of both worlds.

Hot Tubs Vs. Spas

Hot tub or spa? The terms hot tub and spa are used interchangeably, so these days, they mean the same thing. Both words are used to describe a large tub of hot water, with jets, that is used for relaxation, warmth, hydrotherapy, and entertaining. They can be freestanding units, that can be added on top of a paved surface, built into the ground, or they may even be connected to a backyard pool, or completely separate.

Hot Tub Landscape Design

Most hot tub landscape projects go wrong through having a bad design or having no design. When an inexperienced pool or spa dealer install a hot tub, they often don’t think about the rest of the outdoor space, or how it looks. Often, these dealers are just making sure that the tub has been properly installed, and this can mean that the hot tub looks like it was just plopped into the backyard. It sticks out, and not in a good way. It makes the tub look like an afterthought, and it doesn’t look as though it incorporates into the overall design.

There are a few other reasons why this approach can cause problems. A poorly placed tub can take up space, interrupt traffic flow around the whole outdoor area, and it may even be difficult to get in, and out of. Consideration must be given to where the tub sits, how it’s positioned, and how it incorporates with the overall landscape design of your outdoor area.

Ideas And Goals For Hot Tub Landscaping

A good hot tub landscaping design will take many factors into account. I’ve gathered some specific ideas that can make your outdoor space functional, relaxing and absolutely gorgeous.

Close To The House

A well-considered design will pay attention to where the doors of the house are. You would want to get out, and into the hot tub quickly, and vice versa. This is especially true if you plan on using your tub even during the colder winter months, so a quick path from the tub to the house is a great idea.

Incorporated With A Patio

A Hot Tub Incorporated With A Patio

Your spa can be installed in a patio area, but a good design should consider the rest of that design. This can mean that the tub is in a nook, or corner, where it’s out of the way, and isn’t cutting into the outdoor kitchen or dining area. The tub should be placed in a way that flows with the rest of the design. It shouldn’t be in the way or impede the flow of traffic. It should look like it was meant to be there.

A View

Hot Tub with a Spectacular View

Most people want to sit in their hot tub, relax, and enjoy the view of their beautiful backyard. For some people, it’s their absolute favorite thing to do. Others like to stargaze while they soak their troubles away. But if the spa is built in a way that would block the view, then it would diminish some of the appeal.

If you’re also building a pergola or a pavilion, you should also consider if the structure will block the view from the spa. A good design won’t overlook the view and should work to give you one that will take your breath away.

Hot Tub As A View

While some people like the landscape to be the view, others prefer to make the hot tub the showpiece. It is something that is visually interesting, and you may want to be able to view it from other areas of your property, or even from inside the house itself. This is especially true if the tub has interesting features such as LED color changing lights, or water features such as fountains. These features are spectacular, and should absolutely be showcased.

Incorporating A Spa Into A Complete Backyard

Incorporating A Spa Into A Complete Backyard

If you just want to add a hot tub to a paved surface in your outdoor space, then you would get away with just adding it anywhere on your lawn you feel is a convenient spot.

If, however, you want a spa to be a feature of your gorgeous backyard, then you need to think of it as a part of the overall landscape design. You’ll also need to consider other key elements of backyard landscaping such as the plants, pergola, patio, lighting, and any other water features. If you want those features, you should work with an experienced landscaping professional, who can listen to your wants, vision, and take everything into consideration.

A hot tub dealer, a pool company, or a spa company may only be focused on installing the spa properly. If you buy a hot tub online or at a trade show, that dealer is not going to take any of the landscaping design aspects into account such as positioning, views, or placement. These factors will affect your overall enjoyment of the spa if it looks like an eyesore.

Choose Wisely

Choose a reputable hot tub dealer that has an impeccable reputation. Ask questions about the installation process, what is involved and where the hot tub can be installed in your yard. Then, join your landscaping team into the conversation. This way, there are no surprises and everyone is on board and can plan a functional design that will look fantastic for your yard and also make sense as far as convenience and placement for the hot tub.

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t have both an amazing spa, and a gorgeous backyard. Research your options, and choose the right company, and you’ll have the outdoor living space of your dreams.

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