Would You Hang An Animal Trophy On Your Wall? Maybe, With This Twist...

Holger Hoffmann with one of his Paper Trophies

I was browsing around Indiegogo today when I discovered one of the more interesting decorating ideas I've seen in a long time: PaperTrophy as the artist, Holger Hoffmann, calls his concept.

Holger has taken inspiration from old fashion trophy animals that people used to kill and mount on walls or stands, to produce a much more humane, and to my way of thinking, far more appealing version for the 21st century. As Holger says, "Don't shoot them - glue them!"

Each one of his creations is made from hundreds of polygons cut and creased using heavy 220gsm paper (your printer paper is usually 80gsm) then simply glued together. The vibrant colors are quite striking and he can even produce them in your choice of color to go with the rest of your decor.

Here are a few examples to whet your appetite:

Paper Trophies

Paper Deer

Paper Penguin

Paper Gorilla

Paper Elephant

He started out making them as decorations for clubs and parties. With the huge number of polygons he had to cut from heavy paper before gluing them together it was taking him about 7 hours to produce a single trophy. That's fine if you're only interested in working on a small scale, however Holger realized he would need to find a better way of working if he was ever going to make his creations available to the wider public.

He then did what Germans excel at, he turned to precision engineering. He attended a laser cutting class at Fab Lab Berlin to gain the skills needed to take his art to the next level.

Artists and designers aren't usually flush with cash and this is where his tremendously successful Indiegogo campaign kicked in. He exceeded his fund raising goal by more than 20% and at the time of writing this he had almost $30,000 raised. This means that anyone can now buy them pre-cut, pre-creased, and flat-pack delivered to your home.

They are so easy to assemble that you only need regular paper glue and don't even need to know which animal you're making - you just glue the labeled flaps to each other.

And just in case you were wondering, all the paper used is eco friendly and has the Forrest Stewardship Council seal.

Holger ships them worldwide so for more information visit papertrophy.com.

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