20 Small Bedroom Decoration Ideas – How to Make My Bedroom Look Bigger

How to make a small bedroom look bigger

Making the most out of a bedroom with a few square meters may appear a daunting job but it is not impossible. With creative designs of bedroom furniture and functional adornments, a small space can accommodate your personal accessories with a modish and well-groomed look. Here are some tricks of the trade that one can improvise to achieve a cozy and comfortable abode.

1. Paint job first

The first thing to take care of any kind of living quarter is a selection of the color shade. Never go for darker shades on the walls. They absorb light and deliver a restrictive sensation. Get a paint job done in subtle blues, baby pink, creams, and whites and so on. Lighter colors reflect light adding to the bright and clear aura around the room. However, walls are the only site requiring the lighter shades.

2. Paint your ceiling dark

As with the ceilings, color it dark like navy or maroon or green. Darker ceiling draws attention and delivers a false impression of height even if there are no extra inches to it. This makes the room appear bigger.

3. Go monochrome

If you decide to use more than one color, use monochromatic shades of the same color. Different shades divide the room into various sections congesting it further. The monochrome approach creates fluidity and makes the room appear spacious.

Small bedroom with a monochrome color scheme

4. Make use of optical illusion

Making a small room appear bigger is nothing less than an optical illusion. Making use of the trick by creating depth. Paint the trim of the ceiling, windows, and doorframe a shade lighter than the wall. It creates an illusion of space and volume.

5. Pay attention to the color arrangement

Following color codes merits their arrangement likewise too. Placing books of like color and matching the bed sheets with the wall shade or cushions with wall decorations construct a color coherence that adds to the fluidity effect.

Clever color arrangement for small bedrooms

6. Let in sunshine

The brighter your room is the more space is illuminated. If you can afford to keep the windows bare, do it. If drapes are indispensable, select lighter shades. Keep the length of the drapes short of the floor or tie them up with beautiful beads to avoid a pool of cloth on the floor.

Getting lots of natural light into a small bedroom

7. Invest in functional furniture items

Enhanced functionality and minimalism is the two current themes of modern day furniture. Compensate for the space occupied by the bed with a piece with storage space. Select a bed with small headboard, if at all. Make use of the corners with specially designed RTA cabinets (Ready To Assemble) from online RTA stores. Decorate the corners with small potted plants or other ornaments. Foldable tables and chairs are other options. Stools with inbuilt space provide a solution for seating as well as storage.

8. Ditch the bed

If the space issue is serious enough ditch the bed altogether. A futon, a Pullman bed, bunk bed, and hammocks are other options. Place your mattress on the floor with a small side table of corresponding height. Keep it neat and simple.

Dual use furniture for small bedrooms

9. Ground yourself

If you are not comfortable sleeping on the ground, select a bed with small height and definitely a smaller headboard. Remove any tall chairs or tables and place stools or floor cushions instead.

10. Make the best use of floor space

Taking up a minimalist approach gives you a lot of floor space available. With stackable furniture items and dual-function stools, bunk beds with inbuilt shelves, windows with built-in seats, hammocks for seating arrangement, the floor depicts a clean and clutter-free look adding to the space around you.

11. Go translucent

Modern furniture comes in a variety of colors. With pale colors on the walls and lighter window shades, select a study chair or table in transparent or nude color. Such options remove any restraining vibes from the room.

12. Use geometry

Make the arrangement of the articles in your room in horizontal or vertical order. Make sure to follow the lines and patterns to maintain the fluidity as delivered by monochromatic shading or color-coding.

13. Make use of lower third wall

The arrangement of wall décor and storage shelves on the walls also plays to deliver space to the room. The trick is to divide the wall space into thirds instead of a half. Fix the wall hangings close to the lower third and the storage shelves above them. This makes an impression of lengthening the walls.

14. Mirror, mirror on the wall

What other perfect illusion than a mirror on the wall. Mirrors function to reflect light making the room cheery and uplifting. Use small decorative mirror tiles or a single large piece on the back of the door or front of the cupboard. Cleverly placed large mirrors near a window amplify the whole effect. Mirrored lamps and other pieces of décor add to the illuminating effect.

Small bedroom with large mirror

15. Mount and corner shelves

Another problem in small bedrooms is walking space. Mount shelves solve this problem to a great extent. The best thing about them is that they can be crafted according to the space available. Some of the larger ones can cater to an inbuilt study corner too. Store books, collectibles, fashion accessories, or even clothes with smartly designed mount shelves.

16. Organize and de-clutter

All of the above ideas help you organize your personal belongings in an efficient way. Less is more. Tuck away the clutter and bring a neat and tidy look to your room. It delivers a perception of space despite the lack of it.

17. Pay attention to light

Lighting is an important part of an illusionist’s work. A single ceiling light does not create the characteristic roomy effect. Small lamps in the corners or bedside or spotlight on a single decorative item can emphasize the entire vibe of the bedroom. Mount shelves with inbuilt small lights can do the trick as well.

18. Create a focal point

Placing small decorative items around the room can cause a messy effect. Hanging a single piece of your favorite art on one of the walls with a spotlight attracts the attention of the onlooker.

Minimal bedroom with focal points

19. Do not forget the bedding

Keeping the bedding in simple and subtle colors make the room looks larger. Avoid loud and bold colors with complicated prints.

20. Strip the floor

Last but not least, keep the flooring simple and bare if possible. If you are too keen on placing a rug, select a size corresponding to the floor dimensions. The idea is to increase the visual space and enlarge the room.

Small bedroom with bare floor

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