Traditional Straight Baths Vs Modern Freestanding Baths

Traditional Straight Baths Vs Modern Freestanding Baths

A great thing about looking for new baths for your bathroom suite these days, is the sheer number of options available.

Here I do a head to head on the traditional straight bath design vs the modern freestanding bath to discuss the perks of both designs.

In The Red Corner – Traditional Straight Baths

Where straight baths tend to have the advantage over their curvier cousins, is in the convenience stakes.

Freestanding baths tend to require a tad more space, but the great thing about straight baths is that they come in a number of sizes, including space saving variations, so it really doesn’t matter if you have a small bathroom, as you will still be able to enjoy the luxury of a bathtub.

Another advantage of this type of bathtub is the fact that you can opt to install a shower unit relatively easily.

This can be fitted on the wall rather than the bath itself, and due to straight baths typically being located in a corner, or alongside one of the bathroom’s walls, you will have far less trouble with the water splashing out across the floor.

Finally, these tubs tend to be available at a lower price than their rival, which in this day and age can be a very important factor for people looking into a new bathroom on a budget.

Traditional Straight Bath

In The Blue Corner - Modern Freestanding Baths

Of course, if you are after something a little more eye-catching, then the freestanding bathtub is hard to beat. Coming in a number of designs, from the extra deep variety to ones featuring magnificent claw feet, this type of bath certainly does look the business.

Space is a little more of an issue with these tubs as opposed to the straight bath as the very nature of the bath demands more of an open environment. It is not too much of a concern in truth, but if you have a small bathroom it might not be the most practical choice.

Other advantages of this type of bath are the fact that you can let your tile design spread across the whole bathroom suite without the tub interrupting it and the sheer variety of designs.

Modern Freestanding Bath

And The Winner Is…

This is a battle which would have to go to the judges’ scorecards as there is literally nothing between them. For practicality and convenience, the traditional straight tub design holds the edge, but as a statement piece the freestanding range of tubs is hard to beat.

The only solution is to look at baths yourself, and decide upon the one you truly think matches your design expectations.

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