My Mother's Bath With a View

Bath with a view

After having recently blogged about my Brother's unusual bathroom, I couldn't fail to mention my Mother's bath which has a view from the top of her mountain!

My mother lives on top of a mountain just down the road (about 100 miles - you think about distance differently there) from my brother and I visited her as well on my Christmas trip. When I say top I mean it - she literally lives on the very top of a mountain in the Australian bush.

She planned her house (with a great deal of difficulty and the help of a brilliant young engineer) to take advantage of the views - building is still an ongoing process. Her bedroom is on the top floor and her bed hangs from the ceiling about 4 feet above the floor so she can see the valley below and all the way out to the ocean from her bed.

She also placed her bath at the very front of the house where many people would place a 'viewing' or 'sitting' room so that when she's relaxing in her bath she can look out across the plains below.

There was a bit of mist off toward the horizon so unfortunately the ocean wasn't visible on the day I was there, but these pictures still give you a reasonable idea of the view.

To give you some idea of how secluded the location is, here is a satellite image from directly above...

satellite view from above the mountain

Here are some more pictures of the bath...

The ship steering wheel isn't purely decorative, it also gives you something to hold onto as you're getting in and out of the bath to prevent slipping and injuring yourself - the bathroom can be a dangerous place as you get older. There's actually some interesting history behind this wheel - along with the door to her toilet it comes from the actual ship set used in the 2003 movie Peter Pan which was filmed in Queensland.

bath with ship's wheel

bath with a view

bath with a better view

bathtub with a great view

If you're wondering why my mother didn't opt for frameless glass around the room, well that was her first choice but unfortunately none of the glazing companies could get a truck up to the top of the mountain. All materials have to be brought up by 4 wheel drive vehicles at a minimum - the house's steel frame was brought up in pieces on a special truck that had 6 wheel drive. That's because her 'driveway' is a dirt and gravel road which winds its way up the mountain and has some incredibly steep sections which are inclined by nearly 30°.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures - feel free to share them on Pinterest!

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