Increase Natural Light in your Bathroom

Increase Natural Light in your Bathroom

Natural light in the bathroom is an important feature that can greatly affect your enjoyment and comfort. Often overlooked, the bathroom is in fact the first place you look at yourself in the morning as well as the room in which you probably spent most of your time preparing to leave the house. It is also the place many people unwind at the end of a long day by taking a hot shower or long bath. Without much need to worry about furniture or upholstery, lighting becomes the most important factor in creating an inviting space.

Too much artificial lighting can have a harsh effect on the appearance of the room as well as your reflection while natural light can bring positive energy into the room. Natural light makes it much easier for you and your family to perform your morning grooming tasks such as shaving, styling hair, or putting on makeup. It also has a softening effect that is easier on your eyes than artificial lighting.

If you are looking to increase the amount of natural light in your bathroom, here are some of the best ways to make the most of the light you already have:

Harness the power of white:

White surfaces reflect light and are an excellent choice for subtle, well-lit washrooms. It also provides additional advantages such as the freedom to play around with décor in the form of bright floor mats or towels. It will also look quite classy if you choose to stick to neutral fittings and frames. White walls will also make a small space look larger while white surfaces such as window frames will reflect additional light into the room.


Strategically placed mirrors are by far the best way to maximize the natural light in your washroom. Placed adjacent to the window, they can reflect all of the light possible. Two mirrors on adjoining walls will also work to brighten the room and provide the illusion of more space. Small mirrored surfaces throughout the room will add additional sparkle to the space and create a beautiful and inviting space sure to help you relax after a long day.

Shower enclosures

Dark shower enclosures may cut off sunlight and force the use of electric lights within the shower. Instead, choose an open and airy shower organization and design that allows natural light to enter the space. A luxe minimalist design with glass doors and panels will not only obstruct natural light but also reflect light into the rest of the room.

Keep paint choices light:

The color and quality of the paint used on your bathroom walls are also an important way to optimize the natural light. Peeling and flaking paint will increase the level of shadow while dark colors absorb light. Keeping paint fresh and light will make the room more cheerful and cozy and colors such as turquoise, coral, and yellow can be great options. Because water and moisture are unavoidable in this space, be sure to choose a waterproof paint.

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