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smart home technologies

Crowdfunding has revolutionized the way relatively small projects and inventions can get the backing they need to come to market, and this is especially true for smart home technologies.

Not only does this provide a way for entrepreneurs to fund their ideas, browsing through crowd funding websites is a great way to discover, and become an early adopter, of cutting-edge home automation products.

So if you're looking for some interesting smart technologies you can use at home, then read on. For those of you who are more interested DIY smart home projects, check out these smart home blogs.


This calls itself "the first artificial intelligence console committed to your happiness." Yes, you read that right - it is programmed with a sense of 'self'. It's an emotionally intelligent console that can interact with you and your friends, read emotions, perform tasks for you, and even make intelligent suggestions for things that might cheer you up.

For an idea of the kinds of things it can do at home, and when you're out and about, watch this video:

I've only begun to describe its capabilities - and due to the way it leverages Google's knowledge base and their Play Store, as well as the way it learns from other units, its abilities will only to continue to grow.

Check it out at indiegogo.


This is an intelligent device for managing your electricity consumption and preventing wastage.

Parce learns your electricity usage patterns and better manage your consumption by preventing waste. It lets you control your appliances from anywhere via a smartphone or computer, and you can also set detailed schedules for every power outlet and appliance in your home. On top of that it also provides you with detailed analytics which show you exactly where and how your electricity is being used.

The creators of Parce say it can save the average house-hold $200 per year, and it comes in two versions - one for the USA and another for Europe.

Get the full details at indiegogo.


Webee goes beyond Parce, it's an intelligent system for both managing and monitoring your home, while giving you notifications wherever you are, and of course providing you with control over every device connected to the system.

The system has a range of devices and sensors called 'bees' for turning all of your appliances into 'smart things'. It can work with other smart devices you already have, like a Nest Thermostat, and you can even get special add-ons like carbon monoxide detectors and alarms.

See it at indiegogo.

Smart Herb Garden

Inspired by NASA technology, this makes it easy to grow your own herbs at home.

This project has been amazingly successful raising over $625,000 when their original goal was only $75,000!

You can view their Kickstarter project. or go directly to the Click and Grow website to buy one.


A versatile digitally controlled power tool. Basically it's a portable version of CNC which you control from your smartphone or tablet.

With this you really have no excuse for cutting in the wrong place - just run the software and Handibot takes care of the rest. One of the possibilities that I find quite interesting will be the ability to share and download plans.

Check it out at Kickstarter.


Connect with your pet and deliver treats from anywhere.

This cute idea was created by a 13 year old inventor who wanted a way to look after her dog from anywhere.

Get all the details at Kickstarter.


This makes it easy to grant your friends access to your WiFi network for sharing media - music, pictures etc. - without having to give them a password.

Project information is available at Kickstarter.


This one is fairly straight-forward - it automates your blinds and gives you control of them from anywhere.

See the full project details at indiegogo.


Designed for the more DIY inclined, it's billed as a device to let you control anything from anywhere.

One thing that makes this a bit different is that although it does work with a WiFi internet router, you don't actually need one because it can communicate directly with your smartphone.

Get all the info from Kickstarter.

Sammy Screamer

A simple motion detector which communicates with your smartphone.

Available on Kickstarter.

If you know of any other cool smart home technologies which are crowdfunded, and you think they should be included here, please send me a message.

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