Hazards To Look Out For When Heading Up To An Unconverted Loft

An Unconverted Loft

There’s a massive trend for home improvement projects right now, with a loft conversion topping the charts for the best return on investment. That means that not only do you get a lot more space in your home, but that also, the money you spend on making those improvements will pay for itself over a few short years. What’s more, the overall value of your house will increase the most in comparison to any other home improvement. However, before you can even consider starting improvement work on your loft, you’ll need to head up there and take a good look around. Here are some of the hazards you should watch out for when heading up to an unconverted loft.

Ladder, not stairs
The majority of lofts in homes are simply trap door like in appearance from the lower floors. Often, you’ll see people standing on a chair to reach up to the door and pull it open. Sometimes, there will be a set of loft ladders attached to the door that can be pulled down and locked into place, giving you access to the loft itself. Other times, you’ll have to supply your own ladder. Either way, you’ll notice that with an unconverted loft, there is no staircase – you’ll be forced to use a set of ladders if you want to go up there. Whenever you’re suing ladders, always make sure that there is another person with you who can keep them stable while you climb upwards. Take your time, and never try to over reach when you get close to the top. Remember that you’ll have to come down the same way, so bear that in mind before you go up.

Keep the door clear of obstructions
The loft in our old house was tiny. As with most lofts, we used it as a place to store all of our unwanted items. That meant however, that it was completely full to bursting. When I look back and think about it, it was a really dangerous thing to do. You should always ensure that there are no obstructions around the loft hatch. If you have to pull open the door, the last thing you want is for a pile of your belongings to come crashing down on top of you. This leads me onto my next point.

Organisation is the key
Now I’m not suggesting that everything has to be colour coordinated and indexed, but you should endeavour to keep your loft as neat and organised as possible. You don’t have to settle for just piling things up either – there are plenty of storage solutions available nowadays and they don’t have to set you back a lot of money. Invest in crates and shelving to keep items out of sight and prevent you from tripping over while you’re up there. What’s more, it’ll make it much easier to locate something in a hurry.

Whether you go up to your loft twice a week or hardly at all, you should consider installing lighting. It’s not practical to have to take a torch with you every time you go up to your loft, and you need to be able to see where you’re going at all times. By installing good lighting, you’ll minimise your chances of an accident.

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