Here we have tips and advice about not only improving your garage, but also ideas for things you can do with it.

The Coolest Garage Door Skins

Garage Door Skins

As I've mentioned before, upgrading your garage door can be a profitable DIY home improvement project, however you can also have a lot of fun by sticking a garage skin on the front of your garage door.

Applying a new skin to the front of your garage door is a lot cheaper than replacing the entire door - a new skin costs between $200 to $400 while replacing the entire door can easily cost over $1,000.

Turn Your Home Garage Into A Professional Showroom

People might not realize that the humble garage can be used for so much more. Garages are generally the storage areas of a house, used to park cars, and keep less than beautiful appliances like lawn mowers and power tools stored away.

However, with some ingenuity, garages can actually be used as a professional showroom. This is a far cry from how most people view their garages, which is sometimes an area they would usually like to keep hidden from guests. If you would like to try to turn your garage into a showroom, or are just curious, keep reading below about how to do so.

Items Most Commonly Stolen From Garages

Stealing from garages is easy

Garages are common targets for thieves. Often they are unlocked and contain valuable items that can be easily resold or pawned. Garages can be easily accessible and pose less of a risk for thieves than breaking into a home itself.

Tips On How To Keep Your Garage Tidy & Well Organised

Garage storage
A lack of storage space in the home can be a frustrating problem, making it difficult to keep everything tidy and organised. Although designed for cars of course, garages provide a considerable amount of storage space, but are often treated as a bit of a dumping ground, rather than used to their full potential.
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